Rich & Famous Party Trends…Do Tell! [Video]

How To Party Like The Rich & Famous?
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We can all dream, right? What would it be like to be a top celeb in Hollywood and be rollin’ in the dough? Hmmm…with money not much of an issue, what exactly goes into planning such a high profile bash? I know you are dying to know!

In a little “throwback Tuesday/Thursday something post”, I figured I’d share big celebrity party trends in a segment clip I did for Fox Business. Enjoy!

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Here’s The Clip Where I Cover Party Trends Of The Rich & Famous:

Here’s a summary of the tips from the clip. Take them and make them your own.

4 Big Trends In Celebrity Parties:

1. Eco-Friendly

Do as much as you can to be eco-friendly. Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources. Use bamboo dinnerware instead of paper or plastic. Think of how else you can do your part to help our planet. If you don’t have to fly something in out of season, then you don’t.

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2. Go Local

Source whatever you can locally through neighborhood farmers markets or home gardens. Some celebrities grow their own fruits and vegetables which adds a personal touch to an event.

3. Bigger & Better

We see it all the time – the desire to top others by going bigger and better. What is the next best thing? As a celebrity event planner, I have flown in Hawaiian dancers to perform live on the beach. One of the most over-the-top requests was dophins to swim in the pool which posed several challenges here in California. Granted it was a large olympic-size pool, but what about PETA, the safety of the dolphins and the cleanliness of the pool?

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4. Home Party

Another big trend is to have a watch party in your home for the Emmys or other big celebrity award shows. It’s a fun way for people to get together!

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Big Take Away – Do Your Part!

Even with fame and fortune, Hollywood celebrities are embracing the idea to be eco-friendly in all aspects of their life (party planning included!). They are doing their part to protect our environment and we should all be truly inspired by their efforts. featured 20 of these eco-friendly celebs, including John Travolta & Kelly Preston, Kevin Costner, Drew Barrymore, Anne Hathaway, and Brad Pitt just to name a few.

Tell Us Your Favorite Tip:

Let us all learn from each other. What celebrity party trend are you incorporating into your big event? Do tell! Give us your tips, tricks, feedback and resources in the comments below. And if you like it, please be a sweetheart and share this post?

xx – Marley

Oh, and here’s the video, which was the point of this whole blog. With these tips, you are on your way to throwing a party fit for the stars!

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