Academy Awards Watch Party: American Hustle Style

photo 1In case you missed me this morning on KTLA, here’s a breakdown of the super fab American Hustle themed party that I highlighted:

Award season is here and your VIP pass seems to have gotten lost in the mail. Now what? Why not plan your own rock-star fabulous soiree fit for even the most high-maintenance A-Lister? One of the favorites to win it all this year is “American Hustle” – which is a great backdrop for a fun and funky theme party for your Academy Awards Bash. Let The Party Goddess! show you how to enjoy the show in the best seat in town!

Make it a Costume Party – There is sooooo much to love about this movie’s theme.  For guys, think beige polyester tuxes, matching vests, big bow ties and brown cummerbunds. For the ladies – slinky dresses, faux fur. Of course lots and lots of gold on both the men and women.  Wild updos, facial hair and of course bonus to the guy who wears perm curlers. (ala Bradley Cooper)

Dazzling Décor –  The movie is centered around gambling and casinos in Atlantic City – so capture that old school 70’s casino atmosphere with gold accents, crystals and chandeliers. Dime store finds are always cheap…and fabulous!

Family Style Food – Recapture the traditional Italian feast by serving a family style, Italian buffet. Don’t forget to decorate the table with traditional checkered tablecloths and votive candles. Compliment your Italian feast with great wine and some stiff drinks served up in martini and bucket 2

Entertainment BONUS: Oscar Roulette – As exciting as the Red Carpet can be and the key awards are captivating, it is a fact that the Oscars can move slowly.  So infuse the fun with some entertaining “Oscar Roulette” of games.
•    Costume Contest – create a point system for best dressed, best hair, even best “Jersey Accent”
•    Oscar Ballot – Have your guests choose the winners in each main category and add up the points as you go
•    Celebrity Trivia Bingo – create trivia questions about Oscars past and present and correct answers will earn an “X” on the Bingo card
•    Prize:  DVDs of your favorite Oscar winners or gift cards for your favorite theater in town

So what do you think? Give me your comments and feedback below. And, oh, by the way, don’t forget to tell a friend if you like what you see! xo





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