Drink Trends For Coffee, Spirits, Beer & More!

Drink Trends For Coffee, Spirits, Beer & More! - blog title image

For all the time we obsess over food, cookbooks, and dining out, I think it’s high time beverages got their share of attention! Let’s start chronologically, as in, the liquid that’s going to do you the most good in the morning when you have to drag your butt out of […]

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Get Lucky With Green & Rainbow Everything!

Get Lucky With Green & Rainbow Everything! - blog title image

It’s true. I am completely obsessed with kitsch holidays and St. Patrick’s Day for sure falls into this category. Soooo, we’re gonna go balls to the wall with my favorite tricky leprechaun inspired delights, which begins with #shocker the most important course of the day: DESSERT! St. Patrick’s Day Dessert […]

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Sip This: 20 Ways To Host A Wine Tasting Party!

blog title image - wine barrels used as a table

Recently, I went to a wine dinner at Arroyo Chop House, a favorite dinner spot run by friends Gregg and Bob Smith. The Smith brothers are Pasadena icons in the restaurant world, and nationally renowned cuz of all the awards they’ve won over the years. The dinner featured wines from […]

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Pretty Pink Parties & Still Time For Pampering!

blog title image - clear plate on pink tablecloth with "love you" on tag under plate

Well, stupid cupid day is behind us (phew!). But there’s still time to talk about all that is adored. To cap off the month of February, I wanted to dwell on a few more things I love. Like planning parties around the color pink! As far as I’m concerned, pink […]

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Out Of Love? Bad Breakups In The Modern World!

Out Of Love? Bad Breakups In The Modern World! | The Party Goddess!

If you’ve been a blog follower of mine for a while, you already know I’ve had my share of husbands, boyfriends, and bad dates! One could say, I’m a little unlucky in love! Or, we could just chalk it up to me being a bad picker! We kicked off Valentine’s […]

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Happy (Late) Valentine’s Day!

Feb Video Blog

On January 1st, we kicked off the year with our quirky video, January in 67 Words or Less! Since February began, we’ve shared tips on hosting the ultimate Galentine’s Day Party, on writing the best love letters, and even gave you cool gift ideas that anyone would love! Clearly, we were so […]

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Put It In Writing: Love Letter Sweet Nothings!

Put It In Writing: Love Letter Sweet Nothings! | The Party Goddess!

I know, actions speak louder than words. BUT! Sometimes (like on Valentine’s Day) you want words! Sexy, gorgeous, poetic words to pour out of your heart so that you can tell your someone special just what they mean to you. And, look, I understand. Maybe they don’t mean much! Maybe […]

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22 Valentine Brunch Ideas For Friendsgiving!

22 Valentine Brunch Ideas For Friendsgiving!

If you’re not in full blown Hallmark hearts and flowers lovey-dovey mode, February can be one of those months you’d rather avoid! Even if there isn’t someone special in your life making your heart pound (or your stomach turn, whatever the case may be!) there’s plenty of reason to celebrate! […]

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Refreshing Fruits, Veggies, Peace & Parties!

I had some lofty goals of reinventing myself this year! (HAD being the operative word!) Everything started off all healthy and wholesome with new year resolutions to drink green juice everyday and plant a garden and get back into doing meditation…  Then, in typical “me” fashion, the wheels came off […]

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