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Corporate Events

Los Angeles event planners are everywhere. The Party Goddess! seeks cool corporate clients who “get it.” You’ve got a cool product or service, or it’s not so cool and you need to tweak that, like yesterday. Or, my fav, because I’ve been involved in MANY, you are part of a family owned company and perfectly capable of doing something quite “interesting”, but you’re just not sure where to start. Oh, and there are relatives involved every once and awhile who don’t have, how shall we say it, vision? Sound like anyone you know? We should talk. As in, how fast can you talk?? Call 323-222-8376 or just shoot us an email with your deets.

Social Events

Los Angeles event planners are a dime a dozen. The Party Goddess! One of the top¬†event planners in Los Angeles,¬†seeks cool clients who “get it.” Bored with using the sammmmmmeeee caterers, florists and bands that everyone else around here uses and scractching for a change, but not sure where to turn? Well today’s your lucky day. Poke around the site and let’s talk, like yesterday, ’cause you’re about to meet your new partner in crime! Call 323-222-8376 or just shoot us an email with your deets.


Los Angeles event planners abound. The Party Goddess! is a wedding event planner who seeks cool brides who “get it.” S/he realizes there are a million more flowers than just a rose, sometimes marriage doesn’t “take” the first time around and occasionally Mama’s very apppppppropriate taste just, well, won’t work this time. Sound like anyone you might know? We should talk, like yesterday. Call 323-222-8376 or just shoot us an email with your deets.

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