Earth Day! Eco-Friendly Party Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone! Today is earth day, a great excuse to throw a get together! But feeling guilty about not going green? Not even sure where to start? The whole eco-friendly, ecologically sound, fair trade, responsible citizen stuff can get really overwhelming. Combine all of that with trying to throw a fabulous party and you’re completely toast. Or are you? How about going Light Green? Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t mean you need to power your event with windmill but how can you be eco-smart without hugging every tree in the neighborhood? Let The Party Goddess! pave your way!


* Be thrifty. Shop at flea markets and thrift shops for your décor and serving pieces. You’ll actually get something amazingly unique and do your part to create less trash.

* Recycle & Re-use Burlap It is breathable, inexpensive and resists condensation and associated spoilage. Pick up burlap from your local coffee shops and save on having to purchase your own tablecloth.

* Go local. Skip the produce aisle at your regular grocery store, and visit (or ask your caterer to visit) a local organic farm or market to grab your greens. Buying local items means they’ve traveled a short distance (versus thousands of miles) to get to your house using up less fuel in the process.

* Drink “Responsibly.” Sip on some cool cocktails like the PAMA Mother Nature’s Mix!  Mix 1 oz PAMA Liqueur, 1/2 oz Acai juice, 1/2 oz ginger honey, 3 oz chilled green tea and garnish with a lemon wheel and a green tea bag!

* Recycle! This might be the “duh” tip of the day, but check absolutely everything you’re about to throw away to see if you can use it again (even if it’s to send home extra food with a guest). This will preserve natural resources, cut down on junk heading to landfills, and reduce the amount of energy used and pollution emitted in the manufacturing of new products.

* Use eco-disposable plates, forks and napkins... Many of the paper plates found in supermarkets are now made from recycled materials, including recycled yogurt cups and sustainable bamboo.

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