10 Fire & Ice Event Images Shared By This Event Coordinator

Some Of These Images Are Hot And Some Are Not!

10 Fire & Ice Recap ImageOHHHHH as an event coordinator, this was a dream come true. How I loved doing this event for one of my besties and very long time clients. Kind of allergic to “theming” the party, we came up with something frostily fabulous if you ask me!

If you’ve been one of my loyal blog followers, you know that we publish these image roundups every week. We feature a particular event for a particular client so you can go deep on the particular theme. If you know what’s up, skip this part, new visitors, hola and the gig is below…

In case you missed it, here’s what we’re doing, mentioned in the first blog (and if you already know what’s going on, skip to the first photo!): Every afternoon we’re posting event photos & inspiration to my Instagram page to give you ideas for your own events, and of course, encourage you to hire yours truly, fabulous Los Angeles event coordinator for your next soiree! In terms of format, we’re trying to capitalize on the whole hashtag calendar world and take advantage of #WeddingWednesday (#WW) and #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) by posting wedding photos and cool stuff we’ve done on Wednesdays and on Thursdays, harkening back to a past client’s event, be it a celebrity, or just one of us tastemakers.

Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Monday:

“ChLaura” was the name of the event, a combo of the hosts celebrating their 50th the same year – Chris and Laura. Adore. The custom gobo marked the dance floor with a very cool (had to say it) fiery pattern.

fire and ice event image 1
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The color story and photos that LeAnna took were quite frankly, amazing. I LOVE this fire wall behind the couch on the dance floor perimeter.

fire and ice event image 2
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Tuesday:

The rusted, corrugated wall on the outside patio was the perfect backdrop for the icy blue lighting and the giant crystals we hung from the ceiling.

fire and ice event image 3
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Giant snifter kind of bowl situations were the perfect support for some spicy beef skewers. 

fire and ice event image 4
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Wednesday:

Happy #WeddingWednesday (#WW): Lots of white lit furniture with mirrored containers and tons and tons of the most perfect white phalaeonopsis blooms.

flowers image
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The opposite side of the dance area was super icy with undulating patterns of water streaming down the walls.

fire and ice event image 5
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Thursday:

#ThrowbackThursday (#TBT). #TBT to fire dancers. They could be Hawaiian, but weren’t. These chicks ate the fire!

fire dancer
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Super clean surfaces of plexi, gold bricks and very thin glass vases.

fire and ice event image 6
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Friday:

Sorry to say, but I am kind of jaded when it comes to cool entertainment. I’ve just seen a LOT of it, and it gets harder and harder to be unique. However, these guys literally used chain saws to cut ginormous ice sculptures to music, live in front of the guests. It was truly breathtaking.

ice carver image
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And the result? “ChLaura”, but of course!

ice carver image 2
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Event Photos and Inspiration – Plus, tell me what else you want to see on the blog!:

Which is your favorite event image and please share your fav entertainment options these days? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo M

P.S. Speaking of “hot” and “cold”, can you guess the hot color trend that Kim Kardashian was wearing in 2011? Want to get creative and make a DYI fake fireplace? Did you hear about the ice bag that was all the rage in Paris? Interested in making yummy homemade frozen yogurt or a sweet watermelon frosty to cool off? You can find more interesting blogs and images on our website, or just call us to book your next event!

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