Hot Color Trends

What’s Trending? We All Want To Know!

Those of us in the event industry are highly visual people. Few things excite me more than drinking in the sights of artfully designed and beautifully pulled together decor. The color scheme defines the tone — gives it the energy you want. Color creates an atmosphere – warm and welcoming, hip and trendy, chic and sophisticated, or soothing and Zen.

Selecting color for an event is a personal choice, but a savvy planner can help you choose a color palette that’s fresh and on-trend. Surrounding your guests with the right colors can help to make your event a big hit.

So how do you know what the hot color trends are? In the event industry, we take our inspiration from what’s hot in home décor and fashion. You can’t go wrong by browsing the latest interior design and fashion magazines.

Here’s some inspiration for this season’s hottest color trends:

Deep Purple

No, not the 70s rock band. Purple’s popularity is carried over from last year, but not the bright purple that was so popular. Go for deep, rich, juicy purple, like ripe plums and berries. Kim Kardaschian’s Marchesa gown at this year’s SAG awards is a perfect example.

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Cedar Green

Vivid energetic greens have been getting all the attention for a while, but now we’re toning it down with fresh crisp lettuce-green and soothing cedar green hues. Let this Prada bag get your creative green juices flowing:

Cherry Red

Rich, regal reds are feeling a little stuffy these days, but bright pops of cherry red are a popular choice for in-the-know interior designers. Add fresh cherry accents to your next event, similar to this kitchen:

As you’re planning the decor for your next event, remember that the hottest color trends are all around you.  Color inspiration can be found everywhere from the runways to your favorite neighborhood eatery.  So keep your eyes peeled.

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