How To Survive Valentine’s Day Without A Date!

Host An Anti Valentine’s Day Party!
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Will you be dateless on Valentine’s Day? Sulk no more because you’re not alone! There are tons of people out there who are not dating, just broke up, or just really don’t feel like being romantic. I have a solution and of course, if you know me, it involves a party – an anti Valentine’s Day party! Don’t you LOVE it?

In a little “throwback Tuesday/Thursday something post”, I figured I’d share “How To Survive Valentine’s Day Without A Date!” in a segment clip I did for CW San Diego. So put your party dress on and have some fun!

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Here’s The Clip Where I Cover Ideas For An Anti Valentine’s Day Party:

Here’s a summary of the tips from the clip. Take them and make them your own.

5 Fun Party Tips:

1. Heart Healthy

Serve Camellia Brand red beans and rice. You can microwave them and spoon into a festive bowl. It’s super easy and they’re good for your heart – get it?

2. Decor

Some of you aren’t going to believe this, but T.J. Max and Marshalls are my secret go-tos for decor. You can find all kinds of containers. Buy a jewelry tree and repurpose it as a decor item on your buffet. Dress it up with “love is overrated” letters from a craft store. As for color, go with white. Try using white fur from the fabric store on a table top. No hemming necessary and it’s a snap to throw it in the washing machine. Stick with strong colors, like red, hot pink and black. Stay away from baby pink which often times suggests romance. It’s not the night for your BFF to reminisce about the boyfriend that broke up with her yesterday! We want this to be light and fun! Get what I’m saying?

3. Activity

Pull out your favorite board game to get a little competition going and create some laughter. Taboo would be perfect!

4. Specialty Drinks

  • Signature cocktails are a great way to personalize your party. If I was throwing a Valentine’s Day party, “Love Potion” would definitely be at the top of my bar menu,  but we’re talkin’ “anti” Valentine’s Day. How about:
    • American Psycho
    • My Super Snarky Ex-Boyfriend
    • Voodoo Dolls
  • Are you having girlfriends over who are dieting? Rather than tempting them with some sweet chocolates, serve a chocolate water which is pretty much free of calories.
  • Rim shot glasses with sugar.
  • Get light-up ice cubes.

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Big Take Away – Make it fun!

Forget about the pressure surrounding Valentine’s Day and make this a fun anti Valentine’s Day party so that everybody is laughing! No need for a pity party! Think outside the box! Rather than hearts and flowers, find decor that is girly or has a fab zebra print.

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Tell Us Your Favorite Tip:

Let us all learn from each other. Which of these anti Valentine’s Day party tips is your fave? Do tell! Give us your tips, tricks, feedback and resources in the comments below. And if you like it, please be a sweetheart and share this post?

xx – Marley

Oh, and here’s the video, which was the point of this whole blog. Now, go make the most of V-Day! Who needs a date?!

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One response to “How To Survive Valentine’s Day Without A Date!”

  1. Well this post def sounds like it was written for me. lol. Not only will I have NOT have a valentines date, I haven’t had one for the past 14 years. Yikes.

    So methinks I will be doing some of the things in your tip. Especially numbers 1, 3, and 4.

    I am mos def gonna be getting me some healthy and delicious food, without a doubt (#1). Who needs a date when you have good food. And fab drinks too (#4.) Then lastly I will very likely be indulging in several games of online chess (#3). In any case, chess was my second love (and still is), so I guess immo be all right if there isn’t a girl to love me. Chess loves me back. lol.

    Keep the contents coming Marley. Love em all.

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