3 Fab Ways To Find The Fun In Valentine’s Day…Solo

Let’s face it. Not all of us are in a warm and cuddly relationship right now. Valentine’s Day should be no reason to lament. Take it upon yourself to be a true leader and corral your group of swingin’ singles into a frenzy of fun. Here are my tips for keeping the positive energy flowing…with or without a true love.

Throw A Red Hot Party. Just because you’re not celebrating with a romantic dinner and a box of chocolates doesn’t mean that you have to avoid V-Day’s signature color. What’s more fun than a spicy red dress, heels, and a fiery lipstick?! Talk about getting your mojo back. Request that all friends adorn themselves in the signature color of the evening, and make every detail pop. Think red cocktails, red velvet cake, red balloons…you get the picture. The more detailed you get, the more fun it’ll be!

Let the girls be your Valentines. Have an 80’s themed movie night in with the single ladies. Not quite ready for that cherry bomb soiree? Maybe you’re in need of a little low-key fun with your special friends. Let your closest girlfriends know to pack their bags for the night and get ready for a super fun all-girls slumber party. Pop some popcorn, bake some brownies, and let those fabulous movies from the 80’s serve as a nostalgic backdrop to all of your juicy gossip. Remind yourself of how much fun it was before boys even entered the picture. Ah, those were the days!

Volunteer at a nursing home or homeless shelter. Yes, we’ve done a complete 180 here. Sometimes giving back is the greatest way to celebrate any day. If you’re not in the space to be with a group of friends, helping others can be just what the doctor ordered. Many people in nursing homes and homeless shelters would give anything to make a new friend. While helping them to have a happy day, you inadvertently help yourself as well. Too much self-focus can make life fuzzy and put things out of perspective. A day of selfless giving will make things clear as day!

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