4 Last Minute Fourth Of July Party Tips!

Make It A Spectacular Fourth Of July!

4 Last Minute Fourth Of July Party Tips! Think red, white and blue! The Party Goddess shares Fourth of July party tips to give you ideas for your holiday celebration! Check it out at https://thepartygoddess.com/4-last-minute-fourth-of-july-party-tips #FourthofJuly #4thofJuly #ktla5 #diy - recap imageAs if this wasn’t a given, I LOVE planning parties and summer is the best time to entertain. The kids are out of school, the weather is warm, and it’s just a good time to relax with friends and family! Be sure to keep reading because I’m sharing Fourth of July party tips that can seriously be done at the last minute.

In a little “throwback Tuesday/Thursday something post”, I figured I’d share ideas to kick off your Fourth of July celebration in a segment clip I did for KTLA. So, let’s get this party started!

Here’s The Clip Where I Cover Fourth Of July Party Tips:

Here’s a summary of the tips from the clip. Take them and make them your own.

Tips And Tricks For The 4th Of July:

1. Drinks

Basically take fun jars that you have at home to serve up your Liberty Lemonade or Patriotic Piña Coladas. Spice up your lemonade or water with fresh red and blue fruit. You can also freeze blueberries in ice cubes. Another idea is to customize labels for wine, beer, water or sparkling cider bottles. This can easily be done on a computer.

2. Centerpieces

Have your centerpieces do double duty. They can double as decor and even triple as snacks! Layer red, white and blue gumballs in a glass vase. They look fun and you can also eat them! Popcorn and bandanas are also great to use in centerpieces.

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3. 4th Of July Desserts

  • Dip large pretzel sticks in white chocolate then sprinkles. You can also die the white chocolate blue or red.
  • Bake or buy mini blueberry and cherry pies.
  • Wrap sticks with patriotic ribbon, stick them into large marshmallows, then dip in white chocolate and sprinkles. Super cute!

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4. Photo Opps

Set up a photo booth with  fun patriotic hats and disposable cameras. You can make a white beard out of furry fabric and a stirrer stick. Your guests will love it!

Big Take Away – Get The Family Involved!

The Fourth of July is more about getting together with friends and family, rather than breaking the bank! All of the ideas here don’t have to cost a ton. Get the kids involved in the party preparation. Kids love fun DIYs, and when the prep involves food like chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows and sprinkles, I’m sure they will be ALL in! Make it fun for the whole family!

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Tell Us Your Favorite Tip:

Let us all learn from each other. Which of these Fourth of July party tips is your fave? Do tell! Give us your tips, tricks, feedback and resources in the comments below. And if you like it, please be a sweetheart and share this post?

xx – Marley

Oh, and here’s the video, which was the point of this whole blog.

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