How To Go From Celebrity Party To Memorial Day!

Kick Off Your Summer With Ideas From Top Celebs!

How To Go From Celebrity Party To Memorial Day! Kick off summer with a party! The Party Goddess, LA's best full service event planner, takes celebrity party trends and applies them to Memorial Day! Check it out at @bettertvshow #piercebrosnan #keelyshayebrosnan @vergarasofia #britneyspears #kellypreston #jenniferlovehewitt @katieheigl #celebs #memorialday #celebritytrends - recap imageAre you interested in finding out what some of the top celebrity party trends are? Well, let’s even go a little further! We’re taking different concepts that we’ve done for celebrities and showing you how to apply them to Memorial Day. The video includes ideas for Mother’s Day, and if you missed that blog, here it is.

In a little “throwback Tuesday/Thursday something post”, I figured I’d share party trends from some of my favorite celebrities which you can easily apply to Memorial Day in a segment clip I did for The Better Show. Stay tuned!

Here’s The Clip Where I Cover Memorial Day Ideas Inspired By Top Celebrities:

Here’s a summary of the tips from the clip. Take them and make them your own.

Celebrity Trends Turned Into Memorial Day Ideas:

1. Champagne & Fresh Fruit

Pierce & Keely Brosnan, two of my all-time favorite clients, spend a ton of time in Hawaii, so they always have fresh flowers and fresh fruit at their parties. For a Memorial Day brunch, take a bunch of fruit and set up a juice bar based on red, white and blue. If the kids will be participating, keep the alcohol separate. The adults can always add it in to customize their drinks. And what’s a holiday brunch without champagne? Use straws in mini champagne bottles.

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2. Super Festive Metallics

Sofia Vergara is huge with metallics, and we went all out with silver and gold for her holiday event. Personally, I think that you can never have too many sequins or bling! For Memorial Day, silver really works well with red, white and blue. It’s okay to bring in metallics. You can even just use metallic trays.

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3. Simple Instead Of Fancy

Britney Spears is totally down home and casual. You don’t have to be fancy on Memorial Day. Condiments that double as a centerpiece are perfect. You don’t just have to have paper or plastic plates. An alternative is to use reusable plastic sandwich containers lined with wax paper.

4. Eco-Friendly

Kelly Preston is big on supporting charities and being environmentally conscious! Stay away from disposable plastic and go eco-friendly with bamboo. It’s really not particularly expensive. Bamboo steamers are very functional. Take off the top and put flowers in the base for a great centerpiece. Instead of paper napkins, use bandanas that are red, white and blue. They are super inexpensive if you order them online and reusable for maybe even a different purpose. Throw them in the wash – no prob!

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5. Animal Lovers

Katherine Heigl is huge with her dogs. They have to be part of her event. For Memorial Day, invite the neighbors over with their pets. Have a pet dress up station stocked with a tiara, sunglasses and other fun props. Take photos and share them on Instagram. You can also incorporate into your event a snack bar or buffet for the animals.

6. Candy

Jennifer Love Hewitt had us plan a Halloween party for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. She was all about the kids and the candy bar. Stick with red, white and blue candies for Memorial Day. If you’re tired of candy, just go all bubble gum or all chocolate and throw in some red, white and blue sprinkles. I have an incredible sweet tooth, so I would take any of the above!

Big Take Away – Inexpensive Ideas

Every celebration deserves a dose of extravagance, but high quality doesn’t necessarily translate into high price. Take these ideas and incorporate them into your party budget in whatever way works for you. What do you have around the house that is red, white and blue? Use what you have before even thinking about going out to buy!

Tell Us Your Favorite Tip:

Let us all learn from each other. Which of these celebrity trends turned Memorial Day ideas is your fave? Do tell! Give us your tips, tricks, feedback and resources in the comments below. And if you like it, please be a sweetheart and share this post?

xx – Marley

Oh, and here’s the video, which was the point of this whole blog.

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