Snarky Time: August Fun In Review!

August 7

Checked in to Jonathan Club.

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley at Jonathan Club

Um yeah, anyone care to say: “Incredibly shocked?” Ok, then I will…
BTW, never, ever did I think someone here at the gym would say to me: “Wow, you’re becoming a fixture around here.” Yuopers, that’s me, #WannaBeScarySkinnyCupcakeEatingSupermodelGymRat!

I religiously go to the gym at 5:45am every day now. Why am I telling you this? Not for the compliments (though they do help), but because NEVER ever in my life or after life did I think I’d say that. But let me tell you, it feels good to at least try and be healthy!


August 12

At LAX traveling to Sun Valley, Idaho.

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Sun Valley Idaho vacation collage

AT LAST! Time to hit the re-do button on Sun Valley. Yessssssss! And it sure as s—t ain’t involving a Tesla!

7:05 UPDATE: And yes, “ha ha” indeed and thank you for all of your texts regarding last year’s trip. I’m so glad you’re all thrilled cracking up over my drama. I hope to one day NOT be referred to at dinner parties as: “Oh wait, YOU’RE the girl who got left in Sun Valley!!” Yup, that would be me. #Shocker. What a difference a year makes!! Please note red neck super highway shotgun fantasy shot of my boys…


Ahh, Sun Valley. We have a love/hate relationship. This trip definitely fell towards the love side. Had such a blast with the kiddos. I made sure it was filled with food, fun, and a spa day for Mama, of course. What’s your favorite thing to do in SV?! Need to go back asap!


August 15

Lori Moreno shared a memory.

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley with a group of others for a store opening

This #photo just popped up! Miss these great friends! Fun #influencermarketing and #partying in #Pasadena #California for friend’s scent store opening! Was fun sitting next to #JeffGoldblum creating our unique #scents ! Relish the #Love in Your Life!


Wow TBT! Great night, great people.

August 16

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley and Coco with sunglasses on

Rockstar wannabes comin’ in for landing!


We were in Sun Valley andI was looking at 2 pairs of glasses. I put the pink ones on (the pair that I’m wearing) and my friend said, “Those look a little dangerous.” Let me tell you.. I have never made a quicker decision in my life. SOLD. Apparently we like to live on the edge and “dangerous” side over here in crazy town? Well, anyway, I’m still obsessed with the glasses and yes, bought the 2nd pair anyway.

August 18

With Jean Collazo at Jonathan Club.

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley and Jean Collazo rock climbing

Girls just want to have fun …


What no one knew was we got kicked out right after this photo! Ha, of course. Decided to “rock” climb right before the gym closed. We were the only clowns in there (thank God) and Jean turned around to make sure the photo took. Well, it did. We were doing great but now I look like a monkey and Jean is over there smilin’ pretty!!!

August 20

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley with a facial mask eating a strawberry

Time to clean up my act…in more ways than one! Thanks for the bentonite clay tip, Jean Collazo!

August 21

At Jonathan Club.

All I know is that one local beauty queen was supposed to meet me on the mat, today. Hmmm…Jean Collazo- hello? ‘Cause this was NOT a day to miss. #BestViewToDate

August 23

With Maria Dietz at Arroyo Chop House.

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley and Maria in sunglasses

It’s a sunglasses situation.


This is the “dangerous” pair I was telling you about. Kind of #obsessed with this photo!

August 27

August 28

August 29

Oh, and PHIL Baker, not Paul Baker, dang it.

UPDATE: Somehow we managed to create a copyright infringement problem (shocker, I know) and Facebook has muted the last part of our video. lovelytheband, can you please ask them to unblock us (is that how it works?)? I mean jeez, I’m not trying to steal it – Broken is being used for educational purposes only

Also, forgot to get you the link to the FREE pricing report I mentioned on Monday. Here ‘ya go:

UPDATE: See all of this week’s videos here:…/
Everything will make a lot more sense…

August 29

Live with Elizabeth Torrez at Arroyo Chop House.

Ok, so right now, “live”, because everything I do seems to be “live” these days, Elizabeth Torrez & I are doing a “salad-off” at the Chopper. Lucy has opted out and here comes Jose. Story developing…

6:54pm UPDATE: LIVE video from The Chopper!

7:04pm UPDATE: The results are IN! See the best Caesar maker in town hit it and quit it!!

August 30

August 30

With Chelby Crawford at Boomtown Brewery.

Snarky Time: August Fun In Review! - Marley and Chelby

Just two playmates out to hit it & quit it at our first event with Forbes LA Business Council!

August 31

Ok, local shout-outs mentioned in today’s video:

Christina Mangione-Micciche, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Yep, we LOVE her products at

Jean Collazo, thanks for the Rosehip Seed Oil recommendation. #Magic

Jeremy Irons .net, wherever you are, in Scotland or wherever, bless you.

Mea culpa Hayden Eaves. #SorryNotSorry I had to do it.

Joy Yap thanks for the behind the scenes photos & the attempt at googling.

No mention, but majorrrr congrats to Elizabeth Torrez and Jenny Paredes!!! Excited for the weekend activities xx

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