Snarky Time! July…It’s A Wrap!

July 4:

Checked in to San Gabriel Country Club.

And today…I graduated to the big boys’ club! Love you, SJM!!


After MONTHS of grueling golf lessons, I’ve finally climbed up the ladder and have made it. Couldn’t play with the Pops while my golf clubs were falling off the back of the cart.. Remember that? If you need a little refresher, here ya go. Well, since then I have *almost* perfected that swing, have a fancy new golf bag, more golf outfits than any normal human should have, and have even joined freakin’ clinics! Friends, we have come a longgg way.


July 10

Michelle Woolard Pippin shared a memory.

“‘You can achieve anything you want in life, if you’re willing to adjust how you spend your time.’ – Marley Majcher SMART STUFF from Marley!

Still true!”


Michelle is such an inspiration and I’m so glad she freakin’ gets it! If you have EVER heard me speak anywhere, one of the first & main points is “TRACK YOUR TIME.” You’d be amazed at how much we goof-off on Facebook or Twitter. Yeah, most of the time it’s business related but, the other 90% of the time could be spent working towards that thing that you’re dying to get or achieve. If Facebook gets you closer to that goal, by all means! You’ll get what I mean when you start tracking that time. Click here for some free stuff on doing this.


July 20

Checked in with Jean Collazo at Jonathan Club.

And this, ladies and gentleman, is what I would call a complete. and total. clusters—-
8:25am UPDATE: Literally, it’s hard to believe I’m as good at my job as I am considering I literally, LITERALLY cannot find my way out of a paper bag. This makes the golf debacle with Jean Collazo look positively graceful. I couldn’t even figure out how to use the flipping WATER machine until this nice gentleman had to say: “You just have to push here.” #OfCourse #Natch I want to cry.


Remember how I was saying I’ve come a long way from clubs-falling-out-of-the-cart-golf? Well, Jean was a player in that cluster**** and now here we are. Again. Making fools of ourselves (*myself) at the J-Club. She’s over there all buff and sh*t and I’m here trying (key word – trying) to get water so I don’t pass out after 2 seconds on the treadmill. Night night.

Snarky Time! July...It's A Wrap! - Marley and Jean working out at the Jonathan Club


July 25

Checked in to Fox News Channel.

Teein’ it up in the brand new Fox broadcasting set up with my trusty “assistant”, Cullen!


Thank Baby Jesus for this sweet boy! He came prepared with some granola bars and it was smooth sailing. Had such a good time on Fox talking about Ghosting in the workplace! Remember Ghosting in dating? Well, here’s that refresher.

Snarky Time! July...It's A Wrap! - Marley and Cullen in front of the Fox News sign

Snarky Time! July...It's A Wrap! - Cullen with Marley at Fox News taping


July 27

From Diane White in New York.

“About five months ago when I learned Jameson and I would be living in NYC for a few weeks I had a crazy idea to put together a media training and pitching event. I wanted to bring together amazing entrepreneurs and some of my favorite media peeps. I approached the amazing Michelle Woolard Pippin who was a resounding yes and is oh so so talented. Marketing, Media and Money was born. So proud of these 16 women (and one brave man Simon T. Bailey) for their innovative and successful businesses and incredible story pitches. And our media panel was top notch and so much fun. Thank you to everyone!”


This was basically a summit for super great people that have stories to tell and knowledge to share with the world. We created pitches and worked together to perfect them. Now we’re out here booking some shows left and right – ya heard it here first! 😉

Snarky Time! July...It's A Wrap! - Diane White's entrepreneur group

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