It’s Snarky Time!!! June In Review

Well helloooooo ya good looking people. It’s been a while, but welcome back to Marley’s Snarky Time for June! As if every blog you read of ours isn’t a snarky time…

This time I’m telling you about this past month and the… interesting things that’ve been happening. Again, please let me know if your life is as or crazier than mine. I need some reassurance here!

I know I just said we’d be talking about June, but the end of May had some good laughs so that’s why it’s here…

May 26:

– Checked in to Mastro’s Restaurant with Chelby Crawford.

So, here we are, the Friday before Memorial Day. I was telling my assistant that I didn’t really have any holiday weekend plans except for the beach on Monday.

Then, LESS THAN 12 hours later, I’m packing my bags to head to the Desert. Talk about spur of the freakin’ moment! But, it was THE best damn idea I’ve had in a loooooonggggggg freaking time!

Keep reading to see how the night (& morning after) played out… We started at Mastro’s Steakhouse, which beeeteeedubs, is #TheBomDotCom.

UPDATE – 9:42pm: Honestly, I feel like Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives is going to walk in any second. #ThisIsBeautifullllllll Christmas in May.

UPDATE – 1:07am: Send in The troops. Not sure what happened here. Elizabeth Torrez – Where are you??? Original plan needs to be aborted. Greeks involved. Repeat: Elizabeth Torrez – Abort. (If you know, you know.)

UPDATE: 8:21am Sun: Feeling every bit of that “Nest” check in a mere how many hours ago. And how or why I think I came down here for golf, or even COULD golf at this point is just amazing. I feel like I just ate my clubs.

UPDATE: 8:33am Sun: Ahhh yes, and then let’s not forget the GENIUS idea to order oysters and steak at midnight while still at Maestro’s before leaving for The Nest, followed by extreme dancing. I need a babysitter.

It's Snarky Time!!! June in Review


May 27:

– Checked in to The Nest with Chelby Crawford.

The Nest = Cool, hip, loud place that maybe gives you some college flashbacks, idk. Probably not for us Georgetown-ers.

Mama freaking mia, man!

It's Snarky Time!!! June in Review

May 27:

– At Mastro’s Restaurant.

Couldn’t even wait for the cappuccino to get delivered. Had to go for an emergency standing cup o’ joe. 

It's Snarky Time!!! June in Review

May 29:

– From Kim Wison Richardson:

Seriously, did they mention Marley Majcher on this Business Boutique podcast??? YUP! “But are making any money?”

Literally the coolest thing ever! The book might’ve been written a while ago, but good advice is good advice! Buy it here!

It's Snarky Time!!! June in Review



May 31:

Let’s just say that the video I posted on this day is maybe NSFW. JK, but I can’t put the dude on blast in front of all you readers! My fb page is a different story.

But, here’s the gist. This guy decided to put me on blast saying I’m after him while he has a girlfriend! Whaaaaat?! If I wanted this dude, I would go after him and everyoneee would know. So keep spittin’ lies, sir.

June 2:

– From Cynthia Bengston Budzyn:

We are so excited you are participating in the tablescape design competition on July 21! Thank you Marley!

I’m sooooo excited to be a part of this! I’m sure you had a hunch, but I don’t like to do things the normal way. So, stop by to have your socks blown off, baby!

June 7:

– Is with Chelby Crawford and Gregg Smith at Arroyo Chop House.

Not really 9,000 pounds but, Holy Wagyu! It’s so freakin’ rich and delicious that you really can’t even eat all of this!

Nothin’ like 9,000 lbs of wagyu with the most amazing host ever! Love you miss you mean it.

It's Snarky Time! June in Review

June 8:

Jean Collazo is with Paola C. Bravo and Marley Majcher at Perch.

Stop #5

It's Snarky Time!!! June in Review

It's Snarky Time! June in Review


June 10:

Marley Majcher is at the Jonathan Club!

At last…You know all is right with the world when the band just happens to match the nails. As far as I’m concerned, let the summer games begin!!

It's Snarky Time! June in Review

It's Snarky Time! June in Review

June 13/14:

Cynthia Bengtson Budzyn shared a post to your timeline.

So honored Marley Majcher is designing a tablescape for this exciting event

It’s #WaybackWednesday y’all! Take a look at the dusitD2 Hotel Constance Pasadena, a treasured Pasadena landmark dating back to 1926. Renovated in 2014, it’s the scene of our upcoming #tablescape design competition and soiree. Info and tickets:

It's Snarky Time!!! June in Review

June 19:

Touring the newly renovated dusitD2 Hotel Constance! It’s so pretty & I’m soo excited!!!

It's Snarky Time! June in Review

Well, there you have it. A little sneak peak into my snarky, spur-of-the-moment life. I hope you all can “live on the edge” and take a weekend for yourself, spend the whole day with your BFF, eat enormous amounts of steak, etc. etc.! Live it up, baby! #Natch.

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I’m curious – would you rather take a last minute weekend trip OR spend all that money on a 0nce-in-a-lifetime meal?! Let us know in the comments below.

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