Pretty Pink Parties & Still Time For Pampering!

pink tablescape

Well, stupid cupid day is behind us (phew!). But there’s still time to talk about all that is adored. To cap off the month of February, I wanted to dwell on a few more things I love. Like planning parties around the color pink! As far as I’m concerned, pink has so many hues, it’s a color that works year round, especially in the spring, which will be here before you know it! Another thing I love besides pink parties is, well… ME! Not in the “Oh, I’m so amazing” way (although hopefully someone in the world thinks that!) but more in the “I love my life!” kind of way. Despite the wacky little pickles I so often (too often!) find myself in, I love the life I lead. So, it’s about time I treat myself to a little pampering! I recommend you do the same! Let’s kick things off with pink parties!

Smile For The Camera

While I was doing research last month, I stumbled upon dozens of really gorgeous backdrops you could use for photos at events. A lot of these were posted for Valentine’s Day, but there’s no reason at all to just use them one day out of the year! Some are DIY, others are one-of-a-kind pieces you can custom order in any color scheme you’d like. We’re featuring ones in pink that would work just as easily for bridal showers, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and little girl princess parties!

Metallic Tassels

tassle photo backdrop

I LOVE the color mix here – pinks, metallic and black. Fun and elegant all at the same time! If you wanted to DIY a metallic tassel backdrop, a variety of different materials would probably do the trick. Think: raffia ribbon, fabric, tulle, yarn… depending on what you use, you’ll get a slightly different look. Each row is attached to a string, making it lightweight enough to hang on just about any wall.

Hearts On A String

hearts on a string

When I was a kid, we made 3-D hearts all the time from old greeting cards, construction paper, or magazine covers. This more sophisticated version from A Sprinkle of Sparkle combines Victorian elegance with feminine floral flair! Try it at your next tea party or bridal shower!

Ombre Butterflies

ombre pink butterflies shaped into a heart

You’re definitely going to want to recruit your kids for this one! (Cuz I sure as heck don’t want to have to cut out all of those butterflies!) From the folks at Polka Cafe, this magical backdrop won’t cost you nearly as much in craft materials as it will cost you in time, but the results are stunning!

The Boss Of All Backdrops!

2 chairs, chalkboard and flowers to create a photo backdrop

Channel your inner set designer for this stylish photo backdrop from Foliver. Chalkboard paint is applied to plywood and then decorated with paper flowers. The wing chairs and side table are a nice touch if you want to go all out. Or, you can simplify with floor cushions or no cushions, so that a group of guests can get in on the photo op!

Fresh Flowers

fresh flower photo backdrop with girl dressed in a white dress

Transform a simple white backdrop with a delicate floral “waterfall” of colors! You can use fresh blooms or artificial flower petals for this one. Simply string the flowers or petals onto clear fish line or jewelry wire in groupings and attach to a swag of greenery at the top! This is a gorgeous option for luaus and summer parties as well as bridal party photos!

Fringe, Flair & Ribbons

hanging ribbons photo backdrop

Unlike the version with tassels, this hanging backdrop from OhMyCharley consists of different textured ribbons streaming from a single string. That makes it easier to make and install if you decide to DIY rather than buy. (easy = yay!)! Select any colored ribbons that work with the theme of your gathering and mix up the thicknesses for a more textural look. (We love how pom poms are added to this one!) PLUS! You can totally get your goof on by standing “behind” the ribbons so that just your head is poking through in the photo!

Metallic Hanging Hearts

metallic hearts photo backdrop

StyleMePretty offers up its own version of a hanging hearts backdrop. Unlike the 3-D hearts, which can be hung as ornaments as well as a background, these hearts lie flat against the wall. The simplicity and elegance of this creation struck me as being highly versatile. If hearts are not your thing, this technique would work just as well with metallic geometric shapes hung on gold or silver thread.

Props & Decor

It’s not just photo backdrops you’ll need at your next event. Decor is just as important! These adorable accessories create pops of pink color and whimsical flourishes that can add to the theme of your party!

Pom Pom Pillow

pom pom pillow diy

Love is a 4-letter word! But there are others you could probably think up to say with pom poms on a pillow! This handy infographic comes from Consumer Crafts, who show you just how much fun you can have with a glue gun! Perfect for mommy-to-be baby showers and bridal bruncheons.

Botanical Letters

colorful flowers on an "H" letter

This is an all year round beauty: silk flowers glued to a wooden initial. I totally want one for my desk! This pretty blend of colors crafted by Little Sparrow Company works with just about anything, but you could customize it with any shade of flowers you like.

Dreams of Donna Summer

close up of pink disco ball

You don’t have to dance at your next event… but you’re totally going to WANT TO with this sassy pink disco ball from Stocksy! (need one now, STAT!)

Wall-To-Wall Color

different shades of pink

It’s like giving your living room a mani-pedi, but better because it lasts longer! See any shades you like? The color is right on the page!

Must-Have Pink Plates

pink plates with gold trim

YES, PLEASE, NOW! I fell in love with these the moment I saw them. I don’t know if it’s the organic beauty of the shape that looks ethereal and flowing, or the combination of pink and gold. Can you imagine anything more beautiful at a bridal shower or dinner party? Perfect for desserts or as serving platters for cookies and pastries. You can find them at The Pretty Crusades.

Sitting Pretty

pink armchair

We often rent furniture for large events and I’ve been known to customize chairs and sofas for clients who are looking for something one-of-a-kind. Check out this green grass loveseat we custom made! If I upholster a pink armchair any day soon, I promise to share it with you!  Looking for more ways to blend pink into your world, check out 6 Ways to Heal A Broken Heart!

Wrapped In Pink

Even something simple can be made beautiful with pretty gift wrap. Find your inspiration from these variations.

Pink Tulle Ribbon

birthday present wrapped with big pink tulle bow

It’s not just for tutus! Tulle creates fluffy bows and adds a little ‘wow’ factor to your gifts.

Paper Flower Bows

presents wrapped with diy paper calla lillies on top

Looks too beautiful to open! These folded paper flower designs from Oh Happy Day will look lovely on your next birthday surprise.

Fresh Flowers For Gifts

present wrapped with flowers on top

There’s something abundantly satisfying about adding fresh flowers to a gift wrapped in simple natural kraft paper and twine. Find what you need in your own garden and create seasonal fresh-picked wrapping!

Flowers 4 Ways Featuring Arrangements In Pink!

No party should be without fresh flowers either used as a centerpiece or decor throughout your venue (er, house or backyard!) Here are four options to consider.

Flower Ball

colorful flower ball

This one was used at a wedding hanging from an archway, but they look equally beautiful at summer parties hanging from tree branches.


pink orchids

This stunning arrangement was composed of orchids to match the party’s tropical destination, but swags can be made of any kind of flowers and hung strategically placed above a buffet table or doorway.

Over Water In Glass

pale pink flowers in a vase with water

Floating flowers look beautiful in any kind of glass. These mini roses transform a simple glass candle holder into a delicate arrangement. Hurricanes and shallow glass bowls work equally well, each bringing something unique to the flowers you select.

On The Table

colorful flowers

Don’t forget to add color to your dining tables! If you want to keep the centerpieces short so that people can see the guest sitting across from them (without a big, fat vase blocking their view!) arrange cut flowers in foam so that they sit lower to the table.

Love Yourself

Before the month of love is over, take some time to do something nice for yourself! Maybe it’s time for a spa day or one of those pampering parties we’ve talked about! At the very least, treat yourself to a yummy new bath product or something cozy to lounge around in.

Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub

pink lemonade sugar scrub

Get soft, glowing skin with this DIY sugar scrub from Sparkle of Sunshine! (And, speaking of glowing skin, you have to check out this other skin care product I’m in love with!)

Rose Petal Bath Bombs

rose petal bath bombs

Indulge like a goddess in rose scented bath water! Available from Peony Soap Company.

Sexy Snuggle

pink robe

The scalloped ruffled trim on this velvety soft Juicy Couture Bathrobe makes it both cozy and alluring all at once!

Pink Overload!

"pink" collage

Think you’ve had your fill of pink this month? Turn on the radio… I bet you’ll find a station playing Pink. Nope, we’re not done yet, peeps! Know what else is pink? Wine! That famous hot dog stand in Los Angeles! The Pink Panther!! There’s also a moving company called Pink. A song by Aerosmith! (I know you’re busting out your old album as we speak!) Victoria’s Secret has a line of lingerie with the moniker. And speaking of tacos (was that bad???), yep, there’s a taco joint with the name as well. Okay, we’ve officially lost our minds… time to wrap up!

If you were not so lucky in love this month, we’ve got an amazing consolation prize for you! A FREE download of our amazing Super Secret Party Tips Guide!

Pink clickable rectangle with text overlay - "YES, I WANT IT!"

Join us next month as we welcome spring! We’re talkin’ wine parties, all things green, tablescapes, flowers and so much more!

What do you love most about your life? (No, it doesn’t have to include anything pink!) Share with us in the comments below!

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