Enjoy Best Friend Day Spa Party Pampering!

Enjoy Best Friend Day Spa Party Pampering!

There’s nothing like a day at the spa with your girlfriends to rejuvenate yourself. But why break the bank when you can be made to feel like a queen right in your very own home? An At Home Spa Party is a great way to celebrate National Best Friend Day without feeling guilty about how much you’re spending!

Bring In A Professional

There are plenty of mobile spa specialists that can be hired to come to your home. If you’re on a tight budget, check out your local nail salon and ask if they make house calls. You can also go to a cosmetology or massage school and ask for recommendations on their best students or soon-to-be graduates. Schools charge far less than what you’d normally find. Or, hit up your local salon and just get a foot massage rather than a full body number. Then, head back to your place to continue the Best Friend Day pampering!

Set The Mood

Enjoy Best Friend Day Spa Party Pampering!

Girls like things that smell good! Burn incense or aroma candles to invigorate the senses.

Beautify On The Inside

Offer healthy snacks like cut fruit, veggie plates, and salads. For your sweet tooth, create a  frozen yogurt bar where people can add their own toppings!

Don’t Forget The Signature Drinks

Enjoy Best Friend Day Spa Party Pampering!

Go for energy eye-openers like fruit smoothies, organic juices, or revitalizing teas with fun themed names like “Pampered in Pink” or “Beauty Bliss.” Be sure to offer ice cold pitchers of flavored water that you can flavor yourself, using cucumbers, mangos, strawberries, or citrus and basil – get creative!

Wait, what? Not rousing enough for you?? If your friends are anything like my friends, cucumber water isn’t going to cut it and cocktails are a must on Best Friend Day, and pretty much every other day! Try a Boozy Strawberry Lemonade Slushy with this recipe from KitchenTreaty!

Enjoy Best Friend Day Spa Party Pampering!

Share Beauty Secrets

Have everyone bring their favorite homemade beauty product (from face masks to body scrubs), test them out, and then vote on the best one! Make sure everyone brings their recipes to share.

More Fun And Games

If you don’t get your nails done by a professional consider having a creative nail painting contest. Ask friends to bring nail polishes from home and pick up some jewels and accents for everyone to mix and match! Offer the winner a gift certificate to a hair salon or health food store.

Party gifts are always a nice touch when the festivities wrap up. Consider putting together cute beauty-filled swag bags for each of your guests, filled with travel-size cosmetics, bath salts in small glass jars (from the dollar store), and inexpensive spa tools like toe separators, foot stones, and nail polish.

How do you show the love on Best Friend Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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