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You know I love doing these recaps so you can see what I’ve been up to each month! It’s usually a multitude of embarrassing ‘me’ moments or insane harebrained schemes I’ve come up with after too many libations! Since all I did was travel in October, I was delighted to keep it local in November and catch up with my besties, most of whom make an appearance in this month’s recap! As you can see, we were boozing it up (gee, big surprise!), and you know what that means….! More craziness coming soon!

November 13

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - Marley and jelly donut

One very tired girl lands at JFK. The answer?! A jelly donut of course! #WorldDominationCommences!!

November 19

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - pink desktop with flowers and office supplies with notepaper announcing job posting


Insanely organized, smart, resourceful, cheerful seasoned executive assistant looking to be recognized for their true gift of managing chaos and turning it into efficient, streamlined magic. If you’re looking to be challenged, are allergic to boredom, are super tech savvy and feel like you’re the perfect match for a serial entrepreneur and her team headed for true world domination, this is the spot for you. Think “Mad Men” of 2019 but with all female game changers. Plenty of opportunity for growth in this LA based, very creative environment, but only apply if you’re truly considered the “most organized person” your friends have ever met.

A Few Key Details

  • 5+ years executive support experience required
  • Must be proficient in G Suite Sheets, Docs, Calendar and Gmail utilizing MixMax, as well as Infusionsoft and Dashlane.
  • FT
  • Interaction with multiple business entities
  • Salary commensurate with experience
  • Please send resume to rhea@thepartygoddess.com

November 21

At Arroyo Chop House.

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - Marley and 2 girlfriends

The three amigas…

November 22

At The Langham Huntington, Pasadena.

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - Marley and 2 girlfriends

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - Marley and Jean

I don’t know, Jean Collazo, I think this should be captioned: “Peter Dills, this one’s for you!!”

November 25

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - Marley with a waiter and 3 girlfriends

Arroyo Chop House anniversary party.

November 26

At Arroyo Chop House.

Oops, Too Busy Planning 2 Post - Marley and 5 girlfriends

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