Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream!

So… this month’s recap blog should probably have been called “The Craziness Continues” or “What In The World Have I Done, Part Two!” or something along those lines, because I basically dragged the insanity factor of September right into October! That Airstream I was promising you? Yep, I brought that baby home. Right after back-to-back business trips. All I can say is, what happens in the Airstream, stays in the Airstream! (See, this is why I have a new operations veep! I can’t be trusted!) Enjoy the antics!

October 1

With Jeff Reid at WeWork (Metropolitan Square).

Just a little clowning around with the big boss! Thanks Georgetown, WeWork & most importantly the Leonsis Family!!

Posted by Marley Majcher on Monday, October 1, 2018

The Grand Opening of The Georgetown Venture Lab at WeWork was a success! We had so much fun being a part of it.


October 2

With Jeff Reid at Georgetown McDonough School of Business.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Georgetown entrepreneurship quiz

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Georgetown entrepreneurship class

Round one, done! PS – Love that Jeff Reid had them take a quiz that asks if yours truly is in the “Sustainable Energy Technologies” field. Um yeah, absolutely!

I laughed out loud at this one. Thanks, Jeff, for always inviting me to your classes! Yours truly loves giving the students a bullsh*t-free entrepreneurship story!

October 2

With Jerry Hayes at The Tombs.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Marley and Jerry Hayes

The band is back together!! Love you Jerry Hayes!! But missing our bestie Greg Goethals!!


October 3

Checked in at LAX Airport.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - map pinpointing LAX airport

My LORDDDDDDD, it’s good to be finally home!!

Thank you baby Jesus! I really do start missing my bed after a while. Anyone else?

October 6

Checked in to Bottega Louie Restaurant and Gourmet Market (Downtown L.A.).

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - map pinpointing Bottega Louie Restaurant

Nothing like some hard core carbs before the JC wine gig and then, of course, drumroll please, back to the AIRPORT. #SHOCKER!!!

Hmmm, back to the airport for what exactly?!

October 9

Checked in to Old Fort Bay Club, Nassau, The Bahamas.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Marley on the beach in The Bahamas

Stem cell regenerative therapy successfully launched (yes, really) at our conference in the Bahamas and so now it’s time for a little sunshine!

Update: HEALinc Summit opens, with Yours Truly in the background!

Update 4:41pm Wed: HOMEEEEEEE! And let me just tell you that going to the Bahamas twice in a week is no easy feat. I actually, I think, don’t feel like getting on a plane again at least for a couple of weeks! Clown club: Summit tomorrow night? You know who you are. xx

How was Marley in the Bahamas twice in two weeks? Well, net/net, I was in the Bahamas for a conference then met some fabulous people and basically said yes to flying back in like 5 days to help them with a big conference! All I can say is that it was crazy but baby, we ROCKED it!

October 13

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Marley and 3 girlfriends

CLEARLY back to my $2 hooker smile. Oh well, we always have fun. Happy birthday, girls!!!!

And we’re back in the homeland tearing some stuff up!

October 15

Shared by Rhea Roberts.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Rhea's new business cards

Now it’s “REALLY” OFFICIAL, my business cards arrived today!! If you haven’t already heard I’m the new EVP of Operations at Marley Majcher and The Party Goddess! and we’re having a BLAST being #girlbosses around here! Happy Weekend Everyone! #thepartygoddess #theprofitgoddess #marleymajcher #eventprofs #eventdesigner #eventplanner #weddingplanner #leadership #business #womeninbusiness #girlboss #feelingfabulouswithoils

Basically, Rhea is here to “run my life”! So far, so good.

October 16

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - group of people posing with photo props

It’s time to start thinking about your company party! Here are 76 ideas to get you started with several pro tips from yours truly! Check it out right here!

October 18

At The Jonathan Club.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Marley at the gym

So, this is what entrepreneurship looks like:

  • Gym: Check!
  • Lots ‘o Coffee: Check!
  • Hangover Airstream Launch: Almost there!! (Can’t wait for this industry/life game changer – story developing!)
  • Brand New Locker Debut: Handled! (See photo & caption below for addy)
  • Mother of the Year Status: Struggling!

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Marley's locker at The Jonathan Club

Please send all love notes/secret admirer messages to my brand new locker!!
P. Goddess
c/o The Jonathan Club
Ladies Locker Room
545 S Figueroa St
Los Angeles, CA 90071

Don’t tell anyone but yes, they unknowingly let me get away with the greatest scheme of all time. Just waiting for them to start calling me Ms. Goddess. How long until they figure it out?

October 18

Thanks Fit Small Business for recognizing us as one of the Top Event Management Influencers of 2019! We’re thrilled to be on this list!

October 21

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Airstream pulling into Marley's driveway

And we’re about to go live!! Happiest day of my life!!

8:16am UPDATE: Me to my assistant: “How’s it going?” Her: “He’s struggling but if we move the other car we think we can get it.” Me to my 10 yr old daughter: “Cokes, just remember, everyone in your life will tell you something’s a struggle, but as long as they get it done, struggling is justtttttt fine.” Her: “OK, right mom.” And exactly none of this hard won wisdom meant a freaking thing. Wrong target audience I guess. Let’s just get the damn Airstream in the driveway.

Another last minute but brilliant idea of mine! Serving up IV’s out of an Airstream since ’18. Call us at 323-222-8376 to book it for your next event!

October 28

At Arroyo Chop House.

Biz School, Bahamas & A Big *SS Airstream! - Marley and 4 girlfriends at the Pasadena Wine and Food Festival

Pasadena Wine and Food Festival.

Hey, want a FREE guide to plan a party like a top event planner? Save time, money AND get super fab ideas that will grab your attention and spark your creativity (or contact me and I can take care of all the fun deets for you)!

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Magic Month Of Wildlife, Airstreams & Bahamas!

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