Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

I’m SOOO ready (and I know you are too!) to embark upon a glorious new year filled with promise and prosperity. It’s totally time for a fresh start, but with the monster of all muffin tops that I developed over the holidays, now spilling over the edge of my pants, I’m having a hard time feeling “the new me!” Okay, so, no big surprise after the au-gratin-everything-food-galore we’ve all stuffed our faces with over the past few weeks, priority one is dropping a few pounds and getting back on the healthy eating bandwagon! To kick off the new year, I’d thought it’d be fun to dish about exotic fruits and all the ways you can infuse your new attitude with fresh juicy delight!

Start Your Day With Exotic Fruit

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Shots for breakfast, anyone? Look, I know I’m a boozehound, but in this case I’m talking about juice shots! Drinking fresh pressed juice from fruits and vegetables helps you make the most of the nutrients they contain. Why should you care? Glowing beautiful skin for one! It would be great if potato chips helped your skin. But they don’t. So, get over it, and let’s move on! All those vitamins and minerals fruits and vegetables are filled with help boost your immunity during the rotten cold and flu season as well, which, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, we’re in the middle of now!

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

The other great thing about drinking juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning is that the nutrients digest and absorb best when they aren’t mixed with other foods. In fact, when it comes to fruit, some health gurus suggest you always eat fruit on it’s own (unlike me, it enjoys being single!) because when it’s mixed with other foods it ferments in your gut and can cause stomach distress (uhmmm, not fun!). Am I a health expert? Heck, no! I’m a Party Goddess! But, there’s lots of good info out there, so don’t shoot the messenger, eh?!

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Do you need a fancy extractor or Ninja-Bullet thingy? Well, yeah, they kinda help. Otherwise you’re going to be chopping and squeezing and squishing and muddling and you’ll give up because it takes too long! If you don’t want to invest in such a contraption (although I highly recommend you do because I absolutely LOVE mine!), there are all kinds of fresh pressed juice shops where you can buy made-daily juice blends. Even grocery stores like Whole Foods have juice bars where you can custom create your own exotic fruit juice. Never juiced before and wondering where to start? Here are a few recipe options from Dr. Oz to get your started:

Total Body Restart Green Juice

This sounds good for a new you, right?! Blend spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, ginger root, apples, lemon, and lime.

I’ve Had Way Too Much Booze This Holiday, Detox Juice

Okay, it’s not really called that, but it should be! Kale, pineapple, cucumbers, lemon, mint, and ginger root give your poor liver a reset from all of the martinis and champagne you consumed in the month of December!

Green Drinks Look Gross, Red Juice

Because there are still some sissies out there who think green drinks look undrinkable, here’s one that’s red and sweet tasting but still good for you! It’s a combination of beets, red bell pepper, strawberries, watermelon, cucumber, ginger root, and lime.

It’s Lunchtime, Now What?!

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

For now, I’m setting aside my martini lunches for smoothies. You can still have a satisfying lunch that’s largely made up of fruits by adding nuts, nut milks, avocado, coconut, and plain greek yogurt to the mix. It’s also a great time to add spices to the blend. Cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and turmeric are great additions as are items like wheatgrass, flax seeds, and quinoa. Here are a few exotic fruit smoothies that’ll wet your whistle, or boost your batteries, or do something invigorating. Yep, trust me!

Papaya Carrot Lime Smoothie

Orange, papaya, carrots, lime juice, and cashews (for protein and healthy fat!) create a beautiful blend of flavors!

WTF?! Cauliflower Pina Colada

When I think tropical cocktails I absolutely DON’T think cruciferous vegetables! I mean, seriously, what evil genius thought this one up? But, lo and behold, guess what? This sneaky little smoothie recipe totally disguises the cauliflower and spinach in the blend and all you have left is sweet island yumminess!  Check it out and thank me later!

Afternoon Delight

Why stop with food? It’s January, people! That means it’s gloomy and cold outside. Put the darn pinecones and plaids away and freshen your home and wardrobe with exotic fruits! I mean, don’t put mangoes in your pockets or anything, but it’s a total mood booster for me to add cheer to my world during the grey months with fruit colored apparel and decor outside the season you normally expect it to show up.

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Speaking of mangoes, here’s an orange sweater in a fruity shade. (Apparently, orange really is the new black… uhmmm, not the TV show!) Mango jumpers not your thing? Here’s a cozy long sleeved pineapple sweater that gets the Sponge Bob vote of approval (yes, I’ve watched too many cartoons with my kids!).

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Also pineapple related, check out these leggings with pineapples on them. Seriously, how cute are these?! We’ll get to fitness stuff later in the month but if you put these on I really, really, really believe you’ll be more energized to work out. Wishful thinking? Probably! But, hey, your thighs will be donning the universal symbol of hospitality, which has interesting implications in a bunch of other ways!

Don’t Want To Wear Your Fruit?

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

I love vintage looking wallpapers but I also like changing up the decor in my house frequently. For those who don’t want to commit to one look, Bloomsy Wallpapers on Etsy features temporary wallpapers that peel right off. Here’s a wallpaper work of art that I LOVE featuring pomegranates and pineapples. Throw it up on one wall and change the whole look of your room!

Housekeeping Hacks That Use Fruit

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Hard water stains on your faucets? Slice a lemon in half and rub the flesh of the fruit along chrome and stainless steel countertops to remove those ugly spots. This technique also works to clean copper pots! Because of the low pH and citric acid content, limes are also handy around the house. For disinfecting cutting boards sprinkle salt on the board, and then use the cut-side of a half a lime and rub it in circles on the board. Let sit 5 minutes and rinse. You can also create your own natural DIY multi-purpose cleaning spray by combining ½ cup lime juice, 1 cup white vinegar, 3 cups water, and 10 drops of tea tree oil into a spray bottle.

After The Sun Goes Down…

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

It’s cocktail time! I know, I know…  It seemed like we were all aboard the healthy train, but THIS IS ME WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!! I love cocktail hour. And you can’t be a new you without feeling good, so it’s time for a drink!

While you’ve got your citrus out, let’s start with one that uses limes – the traditional Daiquiri. Simply shake white rum, fresh squeezed lime juice and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice and pour. Want to see other cocktail recipes that use lime? Check out our Top 5 Summer Cocktails (even though it’s winter!).

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Double down on the fruits with a Rum Runner Cocktail! This is like a smoothie… but with booze! Banana and blackberry liqueurs are the highlight of this cocktail, which contains rum, oranges, and pineapple juice. You’re gonna RUN to get more!

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

Hankering for an edible sweet treat instead? How about Strawberry Donuts?! This recipe is from my pals at Brit+Co. If you’re a strawberry-o-holic like I am, check out 7 Ways To Bite Into National Strawberry Day. It features gorgeous fruit skewers for entertaining that ARE actually healthy!

Exotic Fruits For Morning, Noon & Night!

These Mango Mousse Cups from Laughter & Marriage are billed as “light and airy and not overly sweet.” In my book, that translation means, “kinda healthy!” At any rate, it’s a dessert made from exotic fruits, which is what we’re talkin’ about! Super easy to make. Looks elegant in just about any kind of glass or dessert cup you put it in. Tastes amazing. Done!

Wishing You A Healthier, Happier You This Year!

The new year continues next week (uh, duh!) with Farm-To-Table fabulousness! We’ll be talking vegetables, how to grow ‘em and ways to cook them, along with natural centerpieces and party favors, herb cocktails, garnishes, greenhouses and gardens! If you missed our January in 67 Words Or Less Video earlier this week, go ahead and laugh it up with this little bit of “me” madness! Can’t wait to share a wild 2018 with you!



We want to hear all about your new year’s resolutions (even if they don’t contain exotic fruits)! Let us know what you have planned for 2018 in the comments below!

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