5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

Guess what?! It’s not officially National Rum Week! That actually happened back in August! But we celebrated Columbus Day this week, and while ol’ Chris might have been navigationally challenged when it came to finding North America, what he did discover was rum in the Caribbean! Once word got out about that buzz inducing beverage, bartenders never looked back! Tiki Bar Cocktails anyone???

Get Freaky With Tiki!

The mercury might be falling but Tiki Bar Cocktails transcend the seasons if you ask me! Fruit juices and booze, what’s not to like?! Here are some famous Tiki drinks you might like to have on hand for all of your holiday entertaining this year. (Because, I mean, not everyone likes eggnog! Am I right?!)


5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

Named after the hurricane glass it’s served in, this cocktail was created by Pat O’Brien’s, a famous watering hole in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It features light and dark rums plus luscious passionfruit juice!

Navy Grog

5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

Not as sweet as other Tiki Bar Cocktails, Navy Grog is based on a centuries-old tradition popularized by sailors who drank this concoction. They say it was to ward of illness. Me thinks it was to party hearty! Two kinds of rum are blended with grapefruit and lime juice and made effervescent by topping off with club soda. It’s refreshing and delicious!

Rum Runner

5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

This is like a smoothie… but with booze! Banana and blackberry liqueurs are the highlight of this cocktail, which contains rum, oranges, and pineapple juice. You’re gonna RUN to get more!


5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

The “official” drink, popular in Cuba, is made from three simple ingredients: rum, lime juice, and sugar! Turning it pink by adding frozen strawberries is a modern variation traditionalists greatly frown upon, but (HEY!) it reflects the Tiki tradition!


5 Tiki Bar Cocktails For National Rum Week!

One sip of this and you’ll be swaying like a palm tree on a tropical island! If you polish off the whole drink, you’ll turn into what it’s called! Yes, this cocktail is STRONG! But, it’s also delicious! Light and dark rums plus a 150-proof float on top, it’s the perfect Halloween cocktail!

What are your favorite rum recipes? Let us know in the comments below!

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