Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids!

If you’re just joining us this month, it won’t come as a surprise that in honor of spooks and spirits and haunts and hallows, we’ve been conjuring up mystical party ideas to celebrate the season. If you missed it, be sure to check out our Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Party and Magic of Stones, Alchemy & Witchcraft! This week we wanted to offer up magical party ideas for the kiddos, who are, after all, the main focus of the Halloween holiday! The great thing about a Faerie Garden concept is that it can be used anytime throughout the year! Birthdays…school’s out, girls slumber parties, you name it! The other awesome part of this is that most of the ideas can work indoors or out, so if it’s already getting chilly in your neck of the woods it doesn’t have to take place outside. If the weather is hospitable enough this is going to be a great way to spruce up the yard!

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - faerie

Okay, to get this party started, first you’re going to want to download our Super Secret Party Tips guide. No excuses, please, it’s FREE! When that’s done, get out some crystals, cue up your musical chimes, and immerse yourself in the world of fantasy!

Faeries Favorite Things!

  • Moss
  • Twinkle lights
  • Cute critters
  • Mushrooms
  • Crystals
  • Trees
  • Flowers
  • Anything that shimmers, glimmers, sparkles & shines

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - cement faerie

If you’re throwing a Faerie Garden Party, you cannot have too many of these items! Unlike other parties where food or music or entertainment might be the most important element, when it comes to a Faerie Garden Party, AMBIANCE is vital to setting the stage for magic.


Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - moss, rocks and flowers under plexiglass as a cocktail table

Faeries love moss! So do elves, hobbits, unicorns, and probably trolls! Moss is something you’re going to want a TON of! Use it to create a table runner (or put it under plexiglass like we did here), which you can embellish with rocks, pinecones, votive candles, driftwood, crystals, flowers, colored stones (or marbles) and artificial butterflies to create a warm, otherworldly atmosphere. If you have a stone walkway, consider trimming the edges of it with moss interspersed with lanterns and surprise critters (the fake kind, not the real kind…unless you think the neighborhood squirrels won’t mind sitting there dressed in a tutu!)

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - dramatic entrance to a home with ivy and lanterns

While this dramatic entrance uses artificial leaves, consider swapping them out with branches and moss. Paper lanterns are a great feature also. Many of these ideas, plus a ton of others, can be found on my Pinterest boards. Check those out for inspiration!

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - glow in the dark pots with plants in them

Another enchanting way to create glowing light is to paint existing potted plants (the pots, not the plants!) with glow-in-the-dark paint! You can also intensify the theme by using metal stakes in the potted plants to hang lanterns.

Twinkle Lights!

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - overhead branches, ivy and white lights

Also critical to your land of enchantment is twinkling light! Copper wire lights create warm, subtle glow that be used in lanterns, wrapped around foliage and tree branches, used with table centerpieces, hung from porches and doorways and just about anyplace else you’d like your special little winged-friends to descend upon! For a Faerie Garden slumber party, consider stringing them around the opening of a tent.

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - tent with small lanterns and white lights

Summon The Magic

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - ribbon backdrop

One of the other things I love to do at Faerie Garden parties is create a “doorway” that separates the “regular” world from the magical world where your party takes place. This can be accomplished by creating an archway or using a doorway or architectural feature of your house as a portal that’s covered in ribbons or breezy fabrics, flower garlands and, yes, more twinkle lights! Fabric stores have many glitter-infused chiffons that work beautifully to create this effect!


Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - sparkling amethyst

Last week we did a whole blog on crystals and their healing power. If you already have diodes, crystals and gemstones at home that you use as decor or for spiritual purposes, you should most certainly put them on display for the faeries! This picture is an ACTUAL amethyst! Stunning, right?! But probably a bit much for your kids party! So, here’s how you’re going to make PRETEND crystals, which you’ll want to disperse throughout the garden and party space.

Styrofoam. Spray paint. Glitter.  Use a craft blade or kitchen knife to edge off pieces from a styrofoam block. The more irregular, the better. Don’t overthink it! All you’re trying to do is make something that looks like a rock! Next, use various shades of blue, green, and purple spray paint over the styrofoam. Once dry, apply craft glue to the surface where you want to add glitter and sprinkle that stardust on!

Mushrooms Aren’t Just For Dinner!

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - pink mushroom

Faeries seem to love mushrooms! So you should use some in your Faerie Garden! The brown ones from the grocery store are NOT gonna cut it, so here’s how to make artificial mushrooms of an acceptable garden size: use plastic colored Easter eggs! Simply pull apart the plastic eggs that snap in half, add a dollop of glue under the dome, and attach colored pipe cleaner to create a stem. If you want to decorate the outside of the cap with glitter, do it! The wire in the pipe cleaner gives you bend so you can stick them in the ground or potted plants.

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - mushroom sculptures in a garden

These beautiful mushroom sculptures are a bit more sophisticated, but can give you inspiration!

Faerie Garden Miniature

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - faerie garden made with a pumpkin, pinecones, rocks and wood

We loved this little faerie garden that depicted a whole habitat for your magical friends using moss, pinecones, a pumpkin, wood rounds, rocks, and miniatures. If you host an autumn Faerie Garden party, you’ll have no problem finding pumpkins of every color, shape, and size. I LOVE the greyish-blue pumpkins as well as the white ones. You can use window cut-outs for candles or twinkle lights and place throughout the yard or in the home on countertops and tables. This little version is one you can create with your kids for year round magic in your garden, or use it as inspiration for party decor ideas.

Magical Beans

Crystal & Faerie Garden Party Ideas For Kids! - glass jar of jelly beans

Pretty self explanatory! Yep, jelly beans! When placed in a magical faerie garden they become enchanted! Or delicious! Or both! Display them in a beautiful candy canister amongst the candles and moss.

We hope you’re delighted by these magical suggestions and from them create a world of wonder at your next party! We’ve got all sorts of exciting stuff planned for November, the month that really kicks off holiday festivities, so join us again next week! This is our favorite time of year because parties are in full swing! Our Super Secret Party Tips Guide has tons of useful tips for fetes of every shape and size. Check it out!

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