Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas

It’s the month of spooks and spirits people! (yes, that includes the kind you drink!) If you’re thinking about throwing a hip Haunted House party this Halloween, we’re here to help you out! First, you’re going to want to download our Super Secret Party Tips guide if you haven’t already done so. No excuses, it’s FREE!

Last year I designed an amazing Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party for one of our long time clients and friends who is known for hosting an epic annual spook-fest! Past party themes we’ve put together for her have included Into The Woods, Willy Wonka, and Alice In Wonderland. Check out the photos from those too!

The great thing about the Alfred Hitchcock party was that we had so much material to work with. I mean, as one of the world’s most renowned filmmakers, he really was the master of horror and suspense. From Psycho to The Birds to Vertigo and Dial “M” for Murder, the list goes on and on! Having all of these great movies to choose from allowed us to create small spaces throughout the venue (our client’s amazing house!) dedicated to a particular film. The following images come courtesy of Los Angeles photographer Tina Chiou.


Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - Bates Motel desk Halloween decor

As an entrance setting, we created a hotel desk that had spooky room keys covered in cobwebs and a cinema light box marquee to announce the Bates Motel. If you don’t already have a cinema light box, seriously, get one! They’re so much fun and you can use them all the time around the house!


Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - gold skeletin head with cobwebs

Yes, folks, this is Kim Novak! The chick who caused poor Jimmy Stewart to have Vertigo as he climbed the steps of the bell tower. Wouldn’t have been right to exclude her, so she showed up at the party in spirit! (Ha!) Speaking of spirits…

Elixirs and Potions!

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - cocktail bar with Halloween decor

No party is complete without a libation station! This one we tricked out with bloody skulls, bats, ravens, and a cauldron of smoking dry ice. In addition to wine, beer, and mixed drinks we had the bartenders create some signature cocktails for the evening that had a Halloween theme and creepy appearance. See below!

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - white Halloween cocktail

Dial “M” For Murder!

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - Dial "M" for Murder table set up

Another of Hitchcock’s best films was Dial “M” For Murder, so part of the dining area was dedicated to that masterpiece. In addition to film reels and old rotary dial telephones set up as decor and centerpieces, we had a backsplash featuring a glowing “M” and stage lights to create an eerie ambiance around those dining tables.

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - tables set up for Halloween party

From this image you can see that we used different tables and chairs throughout the dining space. We love utilizing different textures, colors, and styles in a mix n’ match whimsical way. This isn’t a wedding for crying out loud! Nothing needs to be matchy-matchy! Each of the centerpieces was unique to the table, adding a fun conversation element around the room.

Bartenders In Limb-O!

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - arms coming out of the wall serving cabernet and chardonnay

Okay, this was seriously my favorite part of the bash! We staged a temporary wall that had cutouts covered with black fabric, which we hung decorative frames around. Then we had our servers cover their arms in makeup so that they’d look like creepy zombie arms holding actual cocktails and wine for guests to grab from! Way better and so much more fun than just having a server walk around with a tray of drinks!

The Birds

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - ravens hanging from the ceiling with straw like nest

In both the interior and exterior settings we dispatched straw and assembled clusters of ravens, which are super easy to find at party stores during Halloween time. You can’t go wrong with black birds when tricking out your haunted house even if they have nothing to do with an Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party!

Fun & Games!

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - large pumpkin to guess the weight

No festivity is complete without games! We selected a giant pumpkin and had guests guess the weight of it. Prizes were handed out to the guest with the closest correct answer.

Leading Ladies

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - mannequins in costomes

Along one of the walkways we dressed mannequins in costumes and gave them name tags belonging to Hitchcock’s leading ladies.

The Shower

Spooky Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party Ideas - bathtub used for a candy bar

Lucky for me, I already had a bathtub at my warehouse, so recreating the Psycho shower scene was a no brainer. Truth be told, this bathtub comes in super handy for pretty much every type of party! I’ve used it at my daughter’s princess parties to hold juice boxes, I’ve used it at bridal showers for Champagne, I’ve used it at bubbles and pearls parties. Am I suggesting you go out and get a portable bathtub? NO! If you want to include bathtub decor at your next party, contact me so I can style the whole shindig for you!

As another nod to Psycho, we hung a shower curtain behind the tub and used risers to create different levels on top of the tub for a candy station. To keep the creep element, we added bloody bathroom paraphernalia around the tub! It was awesome!

We hope you found inspiration from our Alfred Hitchcock Halloween Party ideas! Next week we’ll be spooking it up a notch with some wu-wu witchcraft for the modern world that probably won’t get you burned at the stake! No promises though! Halloween kicks off the holiday season, people! That means you need to be hosting parties! Why?! Because they’re fun! And the world needs more of that! Our Super Secret Party Tips Guide has tons of useful tips for fetes of every shape and size. Check it out!

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