Magic of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - bowl full of colorful crystals and rocks

For the month of October we’re delving into the mysteries of the soul to celebrate Halloween! Maybe you’ve worn crystal necklaces or sought comfort from the magic of stones. Perhaps you think all that New-Agey stuff is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo! In the spirit of the season we decided to put together some enlightening info for those who’d like to test out these ancient practices. Looking for romance? There’s a stone for that! Feel like you’re in a rut after the last jerk moved out? Herbs can clean up that mess! Am I an authority on any of this? No! But we’re gonna have some fun here. At the very least, you’ll have some beautiful stones to decorate your house with! (Hey, ambiance is important if you’ll be hosting parties this holiday season. If you don’t already have our Super Secret Party Tips, get your free guide right here!)

Rock On!

Before you call BS on anything outright, let’s start with the fact that rocks originate deep within the earth. They are a part of our planet (and solar system) and form over many millennia, undergoing ice ages and earthquakes and volcanoes and a host of other transformative processes of heating and cooling. Depending on the mineral content of the earth where the rocks are born, they take on a particular color and magnetic property. This is science, not the wu-wu spiritual part.

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - colored rocks layed out in a circle

Ancient alchemists and healers understood that different stones resonate each with a unique energy. They, therefore, believed that gemstones could aid various afflictions if the rock’s energy could be transmitted to a person or place. Rocks in their natural state, rough and irregular, are thought to offer the most energy, which is why those are great to put around your house. Stones that have been polished, either by nature or by man, are thought to transmit less energy, but they are a heck of a lot more convenient to carry in your pocket than a big jagged boulder! Crystals fashioned into jewelry are found both natural and polished. The diagram below gives you an idea about which stones do what! Very important!

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - gemstones and their meanings

If you want to fill your home with happiness and peace, get yourself rose quartz. Looking for wealth and wisdom (crap, who isn’t?!) you’ll want to bring jade into your life. Labradorite is said to increase your intuition and imagination. Onyx blocks negativity. Garnets inspire passion. I love this image I found on Pinterest that has a grouping of similarly hued crystals resting upon the pages of an open book. If it’s romance you seek, imagine how pretty it would be to have an arrangement of malachite and chrysocolla on your favorite love story. Or wisdom bringing stones like lapis lazuli atop the pages of your favorite inspiration book. Fun, right?!

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - purple and pink crystals

The Northern Lights

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - opal

I find opals to be hypnotic! They remind me of the aurora borealis, another natural phenomenon where the interaction of electrically charged particles in the atmosphere create a dance of green, blue and red lights in the sky. The Australian Aborigines thought the aurora (Aurora Australis down under!) was a dance of the gods. Asian cultures said they were a result of dragons fighting. North American tribes believed it was their ancestors communicating with them. The doom and gloom Europeans suspected it might be the harbinger of disaster! Today’s healers believe opals carry the power of optimism and a passion for life. Sounds good to me!

Witch’s Garden

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - witch's garden

To make the most of stones, you first have to clear negative energy from your home and heart. Eating certain herbs and flowers can be beneficial. Likewise, burning them is a traditional way witches and healers remove stagnant energy and  “cleanse” an area of negativity. The Witch’s Garden chart shows you the properties that some of the most common natural wonders are thought to possess.

Smudge Out The Negativity

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - smudges

Smudging is the act of burning a bundle of herbs to get rid of negativity on yourself, your belongings, and home. (Not smearing mascara under your eyes! At least not in this instance! Then again… maybe you’ve been crying. In which case you definitely want to give this a try!) Native American cultures as well as the Ancient Greeks burnt smudge sticks (herb bundles) to purify people of depression and sadness as well as evil spirits that might be lurking about and causing havoc! Ghosts, anyone?! It IS Halloween month! So, you probably, definitely don’t want creepy phantoms prowling about the house causing the walls to bleed or any of that stuff! You can find smudge sticks at most new age stores or make your own. Yes, they even have them on Amazon! Which is a bit weird buying something spiritual online, but whatev! You gotta do what you gotta do!

Find Your Fate In The Tarot Cards

Magic Of Stones, Alchemy & (Woops!) Witchcraft - tarot cards

Tarot cards date back to the 1300’s. They were originally designed to be a card game. It wasn’t until the 1800’s that the cards were used for the esoteric purpose of revealing what’s in one’s soul and how those revelations can help people live a more inspired life. I know most people use card readers for entertainment at parties. Maybe there’s something to it… maybe not! But don’t you have to be open to things in life no matter how preposterous they may be?! Otherwise nothing changes and nothing is learned. #marleystwocents

Spirits Away!

We hope you’ve indulged in the magic of stones… or at least just brewed some tea! Either way, I hope you found inspiration this week! There are lots of Halloween party ideas here if you’re thinking about throwing a Boo-tastic Bash. Next week we’re showing off ideas for a Kids Faerie Party (which works throughout the year, not just the month of October!) Since we’re coming up on all of the holiday celebrations, parties are the name of the game. Literally! I am the Party Goddess!, after all. Our Super Secret Party Tips Guide has tons of useful tips for fetes of every shape and size. Check it out!

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Do you believe in the healing energy of crystals? Let us know in the comments below!

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