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Playtime Activities for Kids at Your Next Event – All The Colors Of The Rainbow

Want to Create Some Playtime Activities for the Kids? Ready to take playtime to a new level? Let’s face it, as a wedding planner in Los Angeles, I can tell you that if the kids aren’t happy, NOBODY’s happy. So why not plan ahead with some Playtime Activities and stop […]

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Rustic Wedding Touches – A Splash Of Fancy

Who says you can’t add a few fancy touches to a rustic wedding? After seeing this beauty from I’m ready to get to work on something similar. As they say, “like it, lift it”. So much can be done these days to make a bride’s special day her very […]

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Kids Party Ideas – Let’s Throw An Art Party!

Cool Kids Party Ideas It seems that all of the themes for kid’s parties have already been done, right? Well, how about putting together an art party?! There are so many avenues you can take for this kind of a day. These rice crispy treats made to look like paint […]

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Bring That Special Element of Fun to Your Fall Soire

Activities to Liven Up Your Fall! Fall parties are such a nice way to celebrate the turning of the leaves and sudden chill in the air. What better way to spice things up than bringing an element of fun to the day?! Here are 3 super fun fall activities that […]

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The Insider’s Guide to Entertaining on a Budget

Is it just me or is anyone else completely freaked out that it is already almost September.  It’s impossible to believe that kids are heading back to school and it is about time to start planning for the holidays. It’s been a crazy few months at TPG worldwide for so […]

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Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

Is Michael Jackson really dead? Get the scoop on Michael Jackson from the Party Goddess, LA's best full service celebrity event planner, who can make any event ridiculously fabulous! Check out #MichaelJackson

Find Out From A Super Reliable Source! In my continuing saga of “Is Elvis Michael Jackson really dead?” I would like to report to you that according to the majority of traditional media outlets, Michael Jackson was indeed laid to rest last night. This is further confirmed by the fact […]

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