How To (Throw A) Party Like A Celebrity!

How To (Throw A) Party Like A Celebrity!

I’m pretty sure you already know how to “party” like a celebrity. You know, do something completely embarrassing and awful your publicist will come unglued over and then tweet the scandal while you’re doing it! (But this isn’t about running naked through the streets after a brawl at a pool party! Or is it?!) This is about throwing a party like a celebrity. Like, a really awesome and amazing bash that people will talk about the next day! The kind where you splurge on fancy hors d’oeuvres and nice wine!

How To (Throw A) Party Like A Celebrity!

Step 1:  Pick a Theme

Don’t Cut The Cake! Designer Cakes You’ll Love! | The Party Goddess!

No, it doesn’t have to be Mardi Gras, but blockbuster events have a true focus. When we created an event for Ali Landry’s daughter, the party had a Shirley Temple theme that was carried out through the whole event. We used blown up posters of Shirley that we tricked out with 3-D elements to make them pop and the cake was an adorable multi-layer number decorated in fabulous shades of fondant reminiscent of The Good Ship Lollipop.

Step 2:  Emphasize the Theme… through every aspect of your event.

Throw An Awesome Kid’s Party & Not Spend A Ton!

For Ali’s party, we created candy framed menus for the bar and buffets and listed everything that was available. We also created signature drink names that underscored the theme. For example: Estela’s Peppermint Bay (one of the featured signature drinks) captured the theme in the name and then listed the ingredients so guests knew what they were ordering.

Step 3:  Focus Your Color Scheme

Cirque du Bebe image

Tisha Campbell’s “Cirque de Bebe” theme was clearly executed in orange, turquoise, black and white. You can have hints of other colors as accents, but really hone in your focus so that you get maximum impact.

Step 4: Do Something Special!

popcorn image

Celebs are all about doing things that haven’t been seen before (or have barely been seen). For Tisha Campbell’s circus themed party, caramel popcorn was served out of zebra shaped “cones”, served atop a bed of banana runts.

Step 5: Keep Executing Your Theme

Yes, this is a continuation and reminder of #2. But you can’t do it often enough! For Pierce Brosnan’s son Sean, we designed a birthday party with a whole 1940’s gangster theme complete with a tommy gun shaped cake and assorted candelabras alternating with blood red roses in silver revere bowls. Guests came glamorously dressed in outfits reminiscent of the time. All the drama made for an INSANELY cool situation.

If you want to throw a party like a celebrity, the details make ALL OF THE DIFFERENCE! Create a vision board for your next event and cut out photos from magazines, websites and Pinterest. Have fun, but concentrate on being unique. Really use your creativity! There are so many ways to be fabulous!

What’s your favorite party theme? Let us know in the comments below!

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