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Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?

Is Michael Jackson really dead? Get the scoop on Michael Jackson from the Party Goddess, LA's best full service celebrity event planner, who can make any event ridiculously fabulous! Check out #MichaelJackson

Find Out From A Super Reliable Source! In my continuing saga of “Is Elvis Michael Jackson really dead?” I would like to report to you that according to the majority of traditional media outlets, Michael Jackson was indeed laid to rest last night. This is further confirmed by the fact […]

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Things that Work

Forever asked and always in search of what works…Here are a few more ideas about tried and true, sure fire successes. Casseroles, S’Mores And Do-It-Yourself Anything. I swear to you when I say that casseroles are just the hit! Every customer that I’ve had any influence on lately has heard […]

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