Wi-Fi Makes Your V-Day Connection Stronger

Is Your Name Xirrus Wi-Fi Because I’m Feeling a Strong Connection?

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For centuries, flowers and chocolates have been the go-to gifts for couples looking to amp up the amore on Valentine’s Day. There’s nothing wrong with these time-honored traditions, but have you ever stopped to consider the wonderful ways in which Wi-Fi fuels the flames of desire? Whether you’re looking to impress your latest crush or show your true love how much you care, let Xirrus Wi-Fi be your connection-cupid this Valentine’s Day. Here’s how…

Get Turned On

Appliances, that is! The advantage of today’s smart homes is that with Wi-Fi and an app on your phone you can preheat the oven, warm up the Jacuzzi, or turn on the fireplace before you ever get home. This is especially helpful on V-Day if you’ll be picking up take-out and passing it off as a home-cooked meal (ssh! we won’t tell). If you do get lucky, you’ll enjoy turning the coffee maker on remotely for breakfast in bed the next morning.

Set the Mood

It’s easier to make music of your own if you have some jams to set the mood. With Wi-Fi you can create a romantic playlist on Spotify and listen to it on your wireless sound bar.

Wi-Fi Makes Your V-day Connection Stronger-recap imageLight It Up

Creating the right ambiance is critical for igniting moments of passion. Wireless LED lights now offer warm soothing colors and illumination options that allow you to dim or sparkle with a tap on your smart screen.

Prove Your Allure

You’ve just started dating someone. It’s new! It’s exciting! And chances are your pulse quickens every time you’re in their presence. With a Wi-Fi enabled fitness tracker, you can now share those results with the one who makes your heart beat faster.

Use My Bandwidth, Baby!

The relationship is progressing. You’re ready to start sharing your belongings. A key to the house might be taking things a bit too far. The next best thing? Give that someone special your Wi-Fi password or an even more romantic Valentine’s Day gesture – access to your personal hotspot.

Pop the Question

Everyone loves a Kiss-Cam proposal so why let friends and loved ones wait to hear about your engagement after the fact? Wi-Fi lets you video share the big moment in real-time as you ask your mate for their hand in marriage.

Avoid Getaway Glitches

Taking your sweetheart away for the weekend is the ultimate romantic rendezvous. It’s not just the destination that’s important—the attraction begins on the journey. To optimize travel time, make sure your airline offers Wi-Fi so you can be entertained in-flight.

Date Night Don’ts

We’ve shown you lots of ways Wi-Fi can help seal the deal on Valentine’s Day. Now, here’s one where it won’t. As tempting as it might be to check the scores while out to dinner, glancing at the phone when you should be glancing into her eyes is not going to send your evening into overtime. Remember on Valentine’s Day, romance is the sport du jour so turn off your Wi-Fi during dinner.

Flower Power

If after all of this, the beguiling bliss of a bouquet still seems like the best way to say ‘I Luv U’ Wi-Fi offers the convenience of purchasing flowers (or candy) – from anywhere at anytime – and having them delivered directly to your flame.

No matter how you decide to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, Xirrus Wi-Fi helps people get stronger connections than ever before.

By Guest Blogger, Carrie Krinock

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