Wedding Favors – Gifts Worth Taking Home


Wedding Favors, Eww.

Sorry, but most of them are pretty wretched. Agree? Well, maybe not wretched, but…We’ve seen most of them before… the decorative wine bottle stopper, the personalized knick knacks that nobody ends up putting to any use.

Wedding Favors – Yes, You’ve Got Fun Options!

Well, here’s a list of 42 different favors that your guests will not only find to be thoughtful and unique, but maybe even useful! Imagine that.

Whether it’s a homemade candle in a teacup, or a personailzed bottle of nail polish, these are all take-home gifts that keep giving long after the ceremony is over.

Here’s the complete list of cool wedding favors from Click here for the entire list with photos.

Can you name any wedding favors that you’ve received in the past and still have today?

What’s your favorite item that you’ve taken home so far? Leave us a comment below!

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