EVERGREEN PARTIES; Floral Alternatives at Weddings

A couple posts back we alerted you to our love for environmentally friendly party ideas, and now we want to expand on one particular idea; alternatives to floral arrangements at a wedding, from centerpieces to bridal bouquets or a man’s boutonniere. We recently stumbled upon the fabulously eclectic website, www.etsy.com, where we were inspired by home made button bouquets with such a delightful vintage charm. We can’t wait to get our glue gun and clean out our craft closet to see what we can come up with!

*Isn’t a wedding just an excuse for a woman to wear flowers in her hair past the age of five? At least we think so. We would love to get married in the spring and wear a perfectly color coordinated felt flower in our hair like the one pictured above. Best part is, when your daughter turns five you can give it her to play dress up with.

*To coordinate with your floral infused hair, why not place a single red felt flower in your groom’s boutonniere? Red is the color of love, and the simplistic charm speaks volumes to your love for each other.

*But wait, what is better than flowers in your hair? Peacock feathers on your Louboutin’s! We about flipped we saw these adorable peacock feather shoe adornments. If your wedding color scheme is jeweled tones, a plethora of peacock feathers should be your best friends.

*Button bouquets may be up and coming, but you can add depth to those buttons by incorporating other sumptuous materials such as colored silk. Gathered together in a bunch it allows the light to play off of it, adding depth and tonality to your bouquet.

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