Need Some Halloween Party Ideas?

Holla for These Cool Halloween Party Ideas!

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday. I just love, love, love all of the wickedness of the whole thing. Tonight I’m going to be live on Talk One Radio with Marc Germain talking about Halloween party ideas and tips, party ideas on a budget, election party ideas, celeb stuff, the gamut. Tune in at 9pm PST if you’re interested or you can always check out the interview after it airs.

Halloween Party Ideas & Tips I’ll Be Covering:

  • Fun punch – Pour water into plastic gloves, freeze and then float them in punch bowls or agua fresca containers.
  • Adult beverages – Add black vodka to orange juice to make a fabulously colorful Halloween cocktail; it will look like a very wicked tequila sunrise. (And adding a small piece of dried ice to martini glasses before pouring in the liquid will make any drink smolder!)
  • Get creative – Provide kids with plain masks or new, empty paint cans (to use later as trick or treat containers) for them to personalize using paint, glitter, feathers, pipe cleaners, ribbon, stickers and fabric scraps.
  • Hide and seek – Hide mini orange and white pumpkins around the yard and have the kids search for them, like an old fashioned Easter egg hunt. White pumpkins could be worth three orange ones. The person who discovers the most pumpkins wins a fabulous prize.
  • Different invites Fill a little box or other funky container with plastic spiders and your invitation details. Wrap the whole thing in “cobwebs” and mail in a cello envelope.
  • Wrap it up – Buy yards and yards of inexpensive cheesecloth and dye it various shades of gray. Dip the dyed cloth in liquid starch and “wrap” the buffet table in your new mummy fabric inserting the requisite spiders, worms and rats into the folds.
  • Dead displays Place plastic brains, hearts and bloody hands on cake pedestals with irregular pieces of red Jello and top with a glass cloche for sinister buffet décor.

And find many more party planning ideas in this guide. It’s FREE because we love ya!

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What are YOUR go to Halloween Party Ideas?

Tell us your fav resources too in the comments below!

P.S. Some fun Halloween trivia can be found here.

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