Holiday Fun For The Kids!

We know that the day before Christmas can be crazy. Especially if your kids are so anxious to get to the gifts! Every year they just want to open their gifts early and see what Santa will be bringing them that night. Here are some of these ideas to occupy your child’s time during this holiday season.

Reindeer Snacks: Instead of just leaving cookies out for Santa Claus why not allow the reindeer to have a little snack too? We found this simple recipe for you to use. Your children should spread this little holiday snack out on the front yard for all of Santa’s reindeer to enjoy. To ensure the reindeer can find the food just add some glitter into the mixture!

* 1/4 cup dry oatmeal

* 1/8 cup granulated sugar

* 1-2 tablespoons colored sugar

Track Santa: If your children are constantly worrying if their gifts from Santa will make it on time then check out this website. It allows your children to see where Santa is during his trip around the world. Click here to track Santa!


Decorate: Although your house is probably decorated for the holidays. We recommend adding a little extra decor to the tree right before Christmas Day. Take out old ornaments and fix them up a bit! You can paint the ornaments with a matte spray paint in any holiday color! Glue on some beads or glitter to add a little shimmer to the ornaments then tie a ribbon of your choice to the top of the ornament. By adding the year the ornament was decorated allows for a tradition that can be passed on. Each year you will be able to salvage an old ornament while having some creative fun!

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