Looking For Ways To Lavish Mom? Look No Further!

Looking For Ways To Lavish Mom, Look No Further

Nobody gets to pick who their mom is, but everyone gets to pick out Mother’s Day gifts that hopefully make amends for all the times you made her sorry she spent ten hours in labor giving birth to you! If you were a rebellious reprobate who broke curfew, ditched school, wore her clothes, got injured, wrecked stuff around the house, and was just plain naughty, here are some cool ideas (hint, hint kids!) that excite yours truly! They’re all available at my favorite store: Bergdorf Goodman.

Chocolate Artwork

Looking For Ways To Lavish Mom, Look No Further

Can’t take mom to the museum this year? That’s okay, you can give her edible art from New York Chocolatier MarieBelle. Beautifully packaged, these Chocolate Ganaches feature exotic boozy flavors like caipirinha and whiskey (now we’re talkin’!), and gorgeous vintage-style artwork.

Chic Incense (Finally!)

Looking For Ways To Lavish Mom, Look No Further

Moms like the house to smell good! So why not give her exotic Thé Russe Incense! This elegantly wrapped gift contains a modern square base and 60 fragrant incense sticks.

In Case Mom’s Had a Rough Year

Looking For Ways To Lavish Mom, Look No Further

Depending on just how much grief you’ve given mom this year, she may need to take her aggression out in a productive way. Elisabeth Weinstock has designed ivory Python Boxing Gloves for that very reason (well, probably not for that reason, but it works!) Watch for the left hook!

Okay, This One Got Me Excited!

Looking For Ways To Lavish Mom, Look No Further

Cuz it just might be the most awesome Marbled Acrylic Drink Tray I’ve ever seen! And since I’m a party planner, I serve lots of drinks! Sparkly, shiny glitter  ‘Happy’ lettering embellishes this Edie Parker original. Put a vodka martini on board and I’ll be one happy goddess!

Ditch The Gifts, And Party Instead?

If you’ve decided you’d rather have an intimate get together at the house to celebrate mom this year, check out How To Go From Celebrity Party To Mother’s Day, one of our most popular Mother’s Day posts featuring brunch recipes, party tips, design ideas and a video of me demo-ing the fun on The Better Show!

How ever you decide to give thanks to the woman who put you on the planet, we’re wishing moms everywhere a most Vodka & Donuts kind of day!

What’s your favorite Mother’s Day memory? Let us know in the comments below!



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