Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer

Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer
Photo by Amy Golding

The leaves are starting to turn! And so are seasonal wedding color palettes! We kicked off 2017 with ‘Greenery’ being the Pantone color of the year. We saw many brides design around this fresh, vibrant hue.

Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer

As we segue into fall, we’re even more excited to find metallics dominating the scene for autumn weddings. Why? Because they’re incredibly versatile and provide eye-catching shimmer! I mean, you want the bridal party to stand out, right?! The dazzling dresses up at the top can be found at Watters.

Not Your Grandmother’s Gold Lamé!

I’ll admit, when metallics regained popularity a few years back, I couldn’t help but recall the truly horrendous gold glowing get-ups my granny used to wear for special occasions. Believe me, these outfits were special all right! But we’ve come a long way since those days. The copper and rose gold metallics of today exude a modern elegance that I find incredibly rich and beautiful.

Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer

If shimmer isn’t your style, we recently worked with a bride who blended champagne and light blush colored gowns with dark autumn florals and a bold, rich blue for the groom and groomsmen. It was stunning! Speaking of which, men’s attire too often plays second fiddle in our wedding discussions so today we’re going to fix that!

Let’s Go Ga-Ga Over The Groom!

Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer
Photo by Daniel Avitia

Remember what I said about metallics being versatile? That gives your groom and his guys a lot of flexibility when it comes to selecting suits. A great place to begin your search is The Black Tux. They offer a robust collection of chic suits and tuxedos ranging from traditional and hip rat pack styles to fun retro velvets and whimsical plaids.

Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer
Photo by Michel Pinto

One of my favorite looks we’ve seen recently paired with metallics was this groom who wore a blue-teal jacket with contrasting neutral pants and a bow tie. It’s an incredibly appealing combination that looks retro-modern and super cool!

Man, He Looks Good!

Autumn Weddings Call For A Cast Of Shimmer

For a more traditional look, neutrals like smoky grey are trending. Shades of grey can beautifully complement dark metallic silver or copper rose gowns. Create drama by offsetting them with deep, lush accent colors.

Want to see more popular wedding trends for 2017? Check out our article from earlier this year on Creating a Love Story, where top wedding and event planners (including moi!) discuss new ideas and design directions couples are taking with them down the aisle. It includes the 2017 International Wedding Trend Report, which features gobs of photos to swoon over and pin to your board! 

What are your favorite color palettes for autumn weddings? Let us know in the comments below!

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