Wedding Trends 2017: Create A Story

Wedding Trends 2017: Create A Story For Guests
Tablescape Styling: Dee McMeeking Photographer: Cream Photography

Don’t Just Set The Scene, Tell The Tale

What’s one of the first things people ask you when you tell them you’re getting hitched? I bet it’s, “How did you two meet?” Everyone has a story about how they fell in love. Where they made plans to say ‘I do.’ It’s the story that captivates people.

Regarding Wedding Trends 2017, it makes sense that one of the most notable directions discussed in this year’s 2017 International Wedding Trend Report according to top wedding planners (including moi!) is that couples are moving toward weddings where the visuals, decor, and foods aren’t just appealing, but also tell a story.

I’m always super excited to be a contributor to this annual report. We do so many celebrity events, and celebrities are trendsetters by nature. I’ve shared some of my recent wedding advice below and offer up insights from top trendsetting friends, Jes Gordon and David Merrell.

Artisanal & Bespoke

Wedding Trends 2017: Create A Story For Guests

I can’t think of a celebrity with whom we’ve worked who hasn’t made a big point about wanting to serve food that has an emphasis on cultivation, or a desire to promote the “story” of the people behind the product. Celebrities can pay the prices of items produced in smaller batches with the highest quality ingredients. So, the details of Stanley, the third generation goat farmer who makes sure his herd only digests the most robust grains, will play front and center at celebrity weddings.

Custom Furniture & Objects

Wedding Trends 2017: Create A Story For Guests

Every wedding strives to communicate personal touches and a certain uniqueness. Combine those omnipresent goals with our love of the sourcing “backstory” and more and more weddings are going to include found objects, locally foraged elements and complementary furniture pieces. A sofa or two, for instance, that hasn’t necessarily been produced en masse. We’ve even used an old door as a whimsical table top for one event, along with coordinated but unique accent chairs.

Jes Gordon’s Sensory Experience For Wedding Trends 2017

Wedding Trends 2017: Create A Story For Guests
Tablescape Styling: For the Love of Weddings Photographer: RockSalt Photography

“We are seeing a lot of couples go back to nature, we call it: Opulent Simplicity. Couples want something that is warm and inviting but also elegant and something they want their guests to be organically impressed by. Our clients are enjoying rambling floral runners with lots of texture and varied views from all angles so each guest has a different take on the centerpiece. Overall, our clients wish to have an experiential take on their wedding, not just a visual one. They want to achieve a perfect balance of joy across all five senses.”

For more on Jess Gordon, check out Instagram and her website.

David Merrell’s Observations For Wedding Trends 2017

Wedding Trends 2017: Create A Story For Guests

“High tech options for decor are becoming more and more prevalent in wedding event design. From digital mapping to drone photography and special effects such as fog machines and lasers, tech is more available and more affordable. Think: mobile technology such as social media photo booths or event apps that are customizable for the entire celebratory weekend. Charging stations and chargeable furniture are all becoming part of mainstream conversations when planning weddings.”

For more on David Merrell, check out Twitter and his website.

To dive into more delicious wedding trends, explore the 2017 International Wedding Trend Report here and remember to follow our blog for more eye candy flowing constantly from yours truly!

What’s your most inspired wedding trend this year? Let us know in the comments below!




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