8 Hot Spring Wedding Ideas To Warm You Up

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I don’t know about you, but it’s not often you get an email from the likes of Paperless Post just sayin’ “hola, want to write a post inspired by our stuff?” In fact, I loved the project so much that I decided to take them up on their offer and do ANOTHER one on spring wedding ideas.

The idea? Go to paperlesspost.com and pick a wedding invite that inspired me and create a cool vision board around it featuring lots of thoughtful details. No prob.

The first post featured an invite by my girl crush, Kelly Wearstler, and this one is at a totally different end of the spectrum as it’s by Oscar de la Renta. I can’t even tell you how proper I feel just pretending to be this fabulously buttoned up!

8 Spring Wedding Images-collage image

Paperless Post’s Inspiration Invite:

Oscar de la Renta’s Embroidered Floral. This so just says, “Hi, I’m fun and have fab taste, let’s rage” although that is probably not what Mr. DLR had in mind. Kind of sounds like I’m channeling my inner LRH with that one. Snap! (LRH is how L. Ron Hubbard would refer to himself and with his toothy chortle, it just worked. ANYHOO, all the inspiration for my future make believe wedding – from the golden plates to the amazing blooms – is featured below.

Wedding Inspiration – The Invitation:

Paperless Post is on fire right now. Here was the cornerstone of my little assignment: Oscar de la Renta’s Embroidered Floral. Everything from the shade of pink to the detailed little who-knows-what-kind-of-blooms-they-are had me at “Hola!”

8 Spring Wedding Images-invitation image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Charger:

Kim Seybert Laurel Openwork Charger Plate. Oh shocker, it’s from Bergdorf’s. If I didn’t know better, I would swear that this charger was created from the sketches in the invite. It’s just so perfectly, well, inspired.

8 Spring Wedding Images-charger image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Plate:

Kim Seybert Opal Golden Brushstroke Dinner Plate. Full disclaimer here, I can have exactly never enough gold. Gold on gold would only be better with more gold.

8 Spring Wedding Images-gold plate image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Glasses:

Mikasa Cheers Gold Glasses. And alas, here it is! More gold! The horizontal stripes and etchings just scream spring wedding Mr. ODLR magic invite. Don’t you think?

8 Spring Wedding Images-gold glasses image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Floral Backdrop:

This is one of my favorite images taken by Eric Raptosh Photography for Snoop Dogg’s vow renewal for E! and I love that the delicate petals have such vibrant hues to go with the invite.

8 Spring Wedding Images-floral image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Couch:

Grass couch. Um, yeah. Well, there’s no link to the grass couch because we MADE IT. I am all in these days with making or reupholstering our own furniture and this couch is as fab as it looks. If you’re super sweet, I might even rent it to ya one day!

8 Spring Wedding Images-grass couch image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Flowers:

The flowers just look like the photo version of the invite, no?


8 Spring Wedding Images-floral image
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Kind of can’t have too many roses when they’re all clustered together. I found these meanings, who knows if they’re just from someone as challenged as me, but they kind of make this touching. Note: They did NOT say “neon pink Oscar madness” and give a meaning, oh by the way.

Regular Pink = Happiness

Dark Pink = Thankfulness; good to send to someone in appreciation

Red = Romantic Love, “I love you”

8 Spring Wedding Images-roses image
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So, what do you think?

Which is your favorite image, and did I make a good case for tying it all together? Share your favorite wedding photo or inspiration in the comments below and most importantly, head over to Paperless Post! (Tell ’em the Goddess sent ya.)

xoxo M

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