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Dreaming Up The Perfect Winter Wedding!

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It’s not often you get an email from Paperless Post just sayin’ “hey.” So when yours truly had one pop in her mailbox, I was, well, a) stunned, b) convinced I had been hacked (again), c) trying to figure out if April Fool’s Day happens more than once a year.

Shocker! It was none of the above. I was hand delivered an opp with which I have fundamentally fallen in love. (Marriages aside, I reallllyyy don’t fall in love all that often, but natch, I digress.) The idea? Go to paperlesspost.com and pick a wedding invite that inspired me and create a cool vision board around it. (I haven’t taken my afternoon booster, so it’s possible that I’m slightly not remembering the exact assignment, but hey, play with the goddess and things get tangled.)

SO, wedding images and inspiration abound on their site and I picked an invite I’m just crazy about. Funny, because it’s not neon pink and orange and full of feathers. In fact, I love that it’s not psychotically bright because that magically let me do my thing – and create color all around it. If you’re looking for some great winter wedding ideas and inspiration, look no further. I’ve gotcha covered!

Paperless Post’s Inspiration Invite:

Kelly Wearstler’s Aristocrat Save The Date. This so scream’s New Year’s Eve Wedding to me I can’t even tell you, but how FUN would it be to have a New Year’s DAY wedding (but at night on New Year’s Day) so all of the fun party stuff would happen on New Year’s Eve? Done. Say no more. My new favorite #madeuptrend. All the inspiration for this great event – from the shoes to the little golden tree – is featured below.

Wedding Inspiration – The Invitation:

Paperless Post is 1,000% rocking it these days and if I gave this project even one more pass, I would’ve literally had a 90 page blog. Here was the cornerstone: Kelly Wearstler’s Aristocrat Save The Date. It’s black and white and chic all over, full of toasting and fun and all about the glasses and crystal and bubbles and magic that undoubtedly abound in all of the details behind the scenes.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-invitation image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Shoes:

KW’s invite took me to source my favorite shoes, shocker, Louboutins. I’ve had many a close call in these sky high red-soled wonders and felt the sparkles and ombre suited the inspirational invite to a tee.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-shoes image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Glasses:

The whole invite is all about crystal of every variety. Whether it’s a winter time wedding or a New Year’s Eve one, why not toast with VARIOUS types of champagne glasses? Who says they all have to be the same boring, dumb flutes? Not me! Below, I pulled some super chic silver ones, copper flutes and these little squat polka dotted golden numbers. The modernity, metallics and dots tie them all together.

Silver Champagne Flutes

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-champagne flutes image
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Copper Flutes

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-copper flute image
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Gold Cheetah Champagne Glasses (update: These are no longer available at www.onekingslane.com.)

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-champagne glasses image
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And now on to the serious stuff. Take the antlers and channel your inner ski lodge. LOVE the fact that these Elk Stemless Wine Glasses (update: This style pictured is no longer available, but we found some others you might like and they’re personalized!) feel so Deer Valley and “please-give-me-some-Jager“, yet  they aren’t so goofy as to fall in the “super-bad-Santa-screaming-sweater-contest” category. Note the amberish-reddish colored liquid that is a subtle nod to the holidays. Then again, you could always just dye your vodka red and ditch the port. Snap.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-antler wine glass image
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Wedding Inspiration – Unexpected Centerpieces:

I have a bottle obsession. Literally, I collect them from everywhere and paint them, repaint them and then add them to decor, centerpieces, drill holes in them, the whole nine. This centerpiece collection was part of an Asian vignette we did at a past event where guests dined on dim sum (get the scoop on dim sum here – love the concept) passed on carts and at super long metal tables.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-centerpiece image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Flower:

With an invite being colorless and the holidays being so cheerful, I picked this red rose with the water droplets to keep me passion focused. This shot reminded me of the dots on the champagne glasses and the little Swarovskis on my coveted Louboutins above.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-red rose image

Wedding Inspiration – The Dress:

The back of the dress looks like the scratchy part of the invite, no? The meringue set up of the bottom just rocks, as far as I’m concerned. So elegant, super feminine, but not one of those double-stuff-meringue-flattering-to-no-one get ups. This stunner was designed by one of my besties, Cocoe Voci.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-wedding dress image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Christmas Tree:

Vintage Christmas Trees for Every Table…with one giant red rose (now doesn’t the inspirational image above make so much more sense?), petals peeled back, nestled at the base. The coolest part? The trees feature all three metals found in the random champagne glasses. One Kings Lane has this one, but could be part of a very cool DIY project that would also re-purpose some of that fab jewelry that might have lost a partner.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-vintage Christmas tree image
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Wedding Inspiration – The Bar Set:

I would give this Hammered Bar Set to my bridesmaids and groomsmen. As far as I’m concerned, it is exactly impossible to ever have too many booze accoutrements. For an extra special touch, you could monogram the tray or shaker making it totally impossible to regift this set no matter how challenged the recipient.

11 Wedding Images Inspired By Paperless Post-bar set image
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So, what do you think?

Which is your favorite image, and did I make a good case for tying it all together? Share your favorite wedding photo or inspiration in the comments below and most importantly, head over to Paperless Post! (Tell ’em the Goddess sent ya.)

xoxo M

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