7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid

Don’t Let The Coronavirus Put A Stop To Your Wedding!7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - Instagram title image

Do we all agree that COVID-19 sucks? Okay, good. Now we can get back to business. And when that business is love, we can’t get enough of it. Lockdown sucks and limiting party guests sucks but one thing that will not suck is your wedding. (And neither will your 30th anniversary, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.) Boho-chic is the perfect vibe for a quarantine wedding because it’s all about going with the flow, and the quirkier the better. So read on for our very best tips for an awesome boho-chic backyard wedding that says “Screw you!” to COVID-19.

1. Head To Toe-ho Boho

We’ll get to the venue in a sec, but let’s start with the most important person of the day: the bride. Boho brides dig unique bling, and that means something like pearl engagement rings. (Grooms listen up: if you screwed up and went traditional, you can still fix it with gorgeous and romantic gifts for your wife like some vintage pearls.)

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - bride with flower crown
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Admit it, brides: you always wanted to wear a floral crown à la Moana. Which is perfect for a boho wedding. Feel free to go with a sarong too, since a flow-y, blow-y dress is right in line with the bohemian spirit. Henna tattoos, anklets, bejeweled barefoot sandals and toe rings are optional, but totally boho-chic.

2. Get Mama Nature On the Line

Boho is all about tuning into yourself and your surroundings, and if your own backyard doesn’t do that, then it’s time to get busy with the shovel. Add plants and flowers to up the wow factor. Capitalize on what nature gives you and work with it. Get your wabi-sabi Zen on and embrace the imperfection.

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - bride in backyard with bouquet
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Also, go green. Literally. Drape garlands on chairs, the wedding arch, even the bar. Fresh flowers galore is pretty much required when it comes to a boho-chic wedding. But if your yard happens to look more like the Bellagio, lucky you. Everyone’s going to be too in awe to care that it’s symmetrical rather than au naturel.

3. Wrangle Your Whimsy

Boho brides grab playfulness and hug it ’til it cries. Florals should be loose (but in a different way than your cousin Trixie). Get creative with the crafts like macrame. Heck, set out a bucket o’ supplies and let guests make their own dream catchers if that’s what you want. Got a hankering for a teepee as your wedding arch or a swing for, you know, fun? We can do that.

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - close up of bridal bouquet
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Magic and joy are the name of the game and crystals hit both of those targets. Incorporate them into centerpieces, seating charts, bouquets and, of course, lighting. Boho is all about being relaxed. Precision not required.

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - string of lights with postcards
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4. Create Rooms

If a party in your backyard feels too much like you threw it together in an afternoon, we got a fix for that: build rooms. Hang curtains to mark the entrance. Set up simple frames and hang drapes above the dining area to keep the sun off. Enlist friends to help lug a couple of couches outside, and while they’re at it, a few rugs too. Sound too much like work? Fake it by stringing fairy lights to give the illusion of defined spaces.

5. Mix ’n’ Match

Mix rustic with modern in your decor elements to underline the personalized vibe of the day. Feel free to use different types of chairs and tables too. Or don’t bother with chairs at all; use cushions around low tables. Bonus: drunk guests don’t have far to fall.

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - colorful flowers on table
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Mix ’n’ match works for the place settings as well, meaning china, cutlery and stemware. If anybody asks, it isn’t mismatched, it’s eclectic. Extra bonus: guests will have a better chance of remembering which wine glass was theirs.

6. Go Bold With Color

If there’s one reason to go boho-chic, it’s so you don’t have to have peach napkins. (Unless you want them. In which case, go for it, girlfriend!) Break out your 128-pack of Crayons because pastels are not necessary for boho weddings. Bold shades of red, orange, purple and even black are trending, and instantly set the mood.

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - purple outdoor tablescape
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7. Crank Up the Mood

You and your beloved radiate enough joy to power the whole party, but we still gotta keep a few logistics in mind. Lighting is a practical consideration, but that doesn’t mean boring. Creative lighting is one of the best ways to add drama and beauty to your wedding décor, and nothing is more romantic than candlelight.

7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - outdoor white hanging candle holder
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The possibilities are really endless when it comes to boho-chic lighting. Hollowed out apples, Mason jars, birch bark holders, and hammered tin containers can all contain wee yet wonderful tea lights. Suspend candle-lit lanterns or flower-shaped faux candles from trees and shrubs for a gorgeous, enchanted effect. Got a backyard pool? Lucky you. Float lotus-shaped candles for a magical, mystical look. Paper bag lanterns are a practical and pretty way to mark pathways. Paper lanterns create an equally fun mood. Bonus points for being both dreamy and whimsical.

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7 Boho-Chic Backyard Wedding Tips During Covid - Instagram title image
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