2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe!

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - pink 2 tier wedding cake

Last week, we kicked off April with my personal wedding trend predictions for West Coast couples in my home town of LA LA Land, which recently appeared in the 2018 International Wedding Trend Report. In case you missed last week’s blog, take a peek at 2018 Wedding Trend Predictions From The Experts.

This is my first year on the Advisory Board of the International Academy of Wedding & Event Planners and I couldn’t be more excited about it! So, this week, while I’m globetrotting in India, I wanted to share 2018 wedding trends from other top event planners from around the world!


What The Pros Have To Say…

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - tequila on silver platter

David Tutera, my longtime friend and colleague who’s also a contributor to the report, says ‘single style bars’ are the biggest trend he’s seeing this year, with couples opting for craft Bourbon and Whiskey Bars, Rose Bars, and Tequila Bars at their receptions in place of a fully stocked bar. (Want to steal this concept for your next house party? Check out our 65 Super Secret Party Tips Guide!)

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - donut wall

Similarly, couples are gravitating toward “dessert experiences” over a classic wedding cake. (I can totally attest to this! Last year, I planned a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe that reflected the couples love of the great outdoors. Rather than a cake, we offered guests a gourmet s’mores station! Hey, glamping is all the rage, right?!)

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - vintage chair with trunks and colorful flowers

Other 2018 wedding trends David is is seeing relate to photography. More and more requests are being made for vintage style photography and stylized photography of the wedding party that looks funky rather than posed.

In terms of destinations, David says couples have their eyes on Hawaii, the Amalfi Coast of Italy, Belfast Ireland, Cayman Island, Venice, Costa Rica, Tahiti, and the Riviera Maya of Mexico.

Creating A Personal Logo For Stationery, Invitations & More

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - wedding stationery

According to Ceci Johnson, Founder and Creative Director of Ceci New York, “Personalization will continue to be huge for 2018. One of the biggest trends is creating a cohesive wedding brand. How chic to have a personalized logo created for you that you can showcase at your wedding and carry into your life after the wedding is over. And then thinking beyond the wedding and branding household items like custom wine glasses, dishes, and monogrammed linens. Showcase them at your wedding and then they’re perfect to bring out when you’re entertaining guests in your new home together. Or enjoy for everyday use!”

Invitations That Are Beyond A Simple Card

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - wite and gold wedding invitation

Across the globe, designer Louma Bardawil reports that couples in the Middle East gravitate almost exclusively toward white and gold invitations, but there is a growing trend toward presenting them in silk-lined wooden boxes or interesting acrylic packages set in gold and ribbon.

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - placesetting and personalized menu

In the United Kingdom, Vaishali Shah of Ananya Cards has also noted a trend toward using acrylic not just to present wedding invitations, but also for table place cards, menus and in the use of centerpieces. For the invitations themselves, couples in Great Britain are opting for unusual materials including leather, fabric, metal, agate, and acrylic.

Visual Trends For Weddings & Events

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - decor on beach with lighting

Kylie Carlson, CEO of International Academy of Wedding and Event Planners and an event planner in her native Australia as well as New Zealand and the UK notes three main thematic changes for 2018 wedding trends:

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - white and gold placesetting

Nouveau and Art Deco Styling with an affinity for geometric shapes and 1920s motifs with a mix of minimalism and Deco. Couples are using black and white marble patterns, velvet furnishings and retro art and prints.

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - romantic tablescape with flowers

Jewel Toned Velvet in shades of Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, and Sapphire add a dose of glamour to minimalist spaces and provide contrast to simple decor.

Curves and Flowing Shapes are replacing the hard straight lines and angular edges of mid-century design. Couples are opting for lush, low to the ground couches with organic scrolling patterns ala the Art Nouveau movement and chairs that have round backs.

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - garden tablescape

Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York has seen an uptick in Romantic Garden Florals and Midsummer’s Night Dream wedding themes in New York. Couples want to create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere on their big day, not just for themselves but for their guests as well. Celebrities in particular want to give their guests an entire weekend of exclusive experiences and parties that become the most memorable moment of their lives.

2018 Wedding Trends For Table Design & Location Decor

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - copper and green tablescape

According to Jes Gordon of properFUN, table design is heading off the table and onto the floor and ceiling. Designs are extending out to the rugs under the tables as well as custom chairs and printed linens. And candles! Lots of them! The more ambient glow there is the better according to Gordon. Which leads us to lighting. She notes that couples are either going “tech heavy” using video mapping and holograms, or they’re leaning toward the other side of the spectrum preferring subtle single color lighting (lavender, gold, pink, teal) to create a colored glow throughout the space. Brides and grooms are continuing to request metallics, with bronze and copper being the trending metals (sorry rose gold!) for 2018.

Just because the venue provides white table cloths doesn’t mean you have to use them! Jes mentioned that she’s seeing more and more couples requesting custom linens that work with the overall theme of their wedding. I personally enjoy layering patterned linens. There are a number of wedding designers who are echoing this trend in 2018.

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - gold and green placesetting

Rachell Hansen of Emrajo Linen in Australia says table design is heading more towards ‘storytelling’ rather than ‘decorating.’ More and more, she is seeing artistic impressions in table settings with designs that are reflective of the couple and have sentimental value to them, or are a gentle reminder of places or precious moments in time. As event styling evolves, more emphasis is put on marrying the floral design to the linen styling so that they work together to create an impact on a space. Iman El-Huni of Party Social echoes this prediction noting that couples want to personalize tabletops now. She’s seeing embroidered monogrammed napkins and etched coasters. Also gaining momentum on tabletops are fresh herbs and highly fragrant flowers that create scent around the dining area. Greenery blended with birds, butterflies, and bugs is also growing in popularity.

LGBTQ Weddings

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - bride with colorful flower bouquet

Now that the Supreme Court has recognized that love is love, wedding planners are noting that LGBTQ couples are equally excited about personalization of wedding design but are trending more toward classic and vintage themes over Wabi Sabi. The desire for destination weddings is leading couples to Costa Rica, Bora Bora, Hawaii, Uruguay, Iceland, and Italy, with couples opting to rent out villas or entire boutique hotels so they and their guests can have a cultural experience with inclusive amenities.

Time For Dessert!

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - 3 cupcakes with glitter

Wedding cakes are so yesterday. (NOOOOO!!!!) Well, sort of. Professionals are seeing great demand for “dessert tables” that offer mini cakes and a range of sweets from donuts and cookies to eclairs, chocolate dipped strawberries, croquembouches (YES!), waffles (DOUBLE YES!), and flavored meringues!

Couples that still want a cake are opting for flowerfetti cakes, galaxy cakes, mirror-glazed cakes, edible flower cakes, and cakes in different shapes (like animals!). Wondering about food trends that don’t include sugar (sigh!), check out last week’s blog on my notes in that department!

What’s Definitely OUT in 2018!

Say arrivederci to “rustic.” No more mason jar anything! No more burlap. No more lace. No more wooden boxes for centerpieces. Even countryside weddings are foregoing these tired trappings and opting for greenery, foliage, and natural elements like leaves, pods, flowers and fruits, which are more in keeping with Wabi Sabi (don’t know what that is?! Check out last week’s blog for more on this hot 2018 trend!) The other thing that is out (and has been for a while) is the garter toss! Thank GAWD! Couples are also staying away from “looks” that appear on Pinterest because those looks get tired real fast!

Putting The Color Of The Year To Work At Your Wedding … Next Week!

2018 Wedding Trends From Around The Globe! - tablescape with white flowing chair covers

As we continue to explore 2018 wedding trends this month, we’re putting together ways to help you incorporate Ultra Violet, the Pantone Color of The Year, into your events. Check back next week for a plethora of purple! Until then, here’s our super fabulous Party Guide, on the house!

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