12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas!

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - Marley and Stanley in India with camels

‘Do something special for mom.’ It’s such a cliche at this point that when Mother’s Day rolls around, everyone goes on autopilot and does just the opposite! Come on, people! Last minute flowers from the grocery store?! You can do better than that! This is the woman who read you bedtime stories and bandaged boo-boos and cooked you a million meals and drove you all over town FOR YEARS! And, yeah, she probably scolded you too. And forbid you to date the cool dude with the motorcycle (!).  And frowned upon a whole bunch of other stuff that excited you, like tattoos and belly piercings and music played loud enough to make your ears bleed! But you gotta take the sweet with salt (and make a margarita out of it)! Am I right?! Mom deserves some love!

Sure, you could take mom to brunch, again, for the twentieth year in a row. Or treat her to a spa day. (Hey, I’m not gonna knock a free massage!) But if you’re looking to mix things up and do something a little different this year, we’ve got 12 super suggestions so that you can treat mom to ‘not the same old Mother’s Day’ this year! Oh, and speaking of super suggestions, do you have our 65 Super Secret Party Tips planning guide? If you don’t already have this gem, get it! Now, let’s get back to Mom!

1. Mom’s A Work Of Art Museum Day

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - art museum

Nooo, she’s not a piece of work! She’s a work of art! If your mom enjoys sculptures or paintings or pottery or medieval armor or giant prehistoric taxidermy animals, there’s probably a fine art or natural history museum somewhere nearby no matter where you reside! Even if you don’t live in a big city, small towns often have small specialty museums – maritime museums, car museums, arts & crafts museums, doll museums, botanical gardens… you get the picture. And when it comes to larger museums, most have cafes and wine bars (bonus!). Spending a day admiring art or learning something historic (or new!) is a fun outing that gives mom the gift of a little culture.

2. Culinary Classes For Your Number One Cook

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - tacos on a tray

Cooking classes are another not-so ordinary option for those moms who enjoy food and the culinary arts. From local cooking schools and national kitchen chains like Sur La Table to community college classes and gourmet grocery stores, there are plenty of businesses that offer cooking and baking classes. Do a short 2-3 hour class together, or enroll mom in a multi-week class featuring her favorite foods as a thoughtful and unique gift idea.

3. Ladies Of Luck Casino Adventure!

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - Marley at a gambling table

Vegas, baby! If you can splurge on a little vacay, Vegas is always a fun place to do a little gambling and take in a show. Hotels in Las Vegas are always reasonably priced and there’s so much to do even if you aren’t a card shark. From comedy shows and magicians to top music acts and Cirque du Soleil, there’s tons of entertainment to choose from. Vegas too far away? Try a local Indian casino or riverboat gambling cruise. You’ll find top entertainment there too! Even an afternoon of slot machines followed by a surf n’ turf dinner can make for a memorable day!

4. Nature Walk & Picnic

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - mountains and water at Mammoth Lakes

See the waterfall! Make s’mores! Nature Walk & Picnic is a great option for large groups with children and it’s totally affordable no matter what your budget is! Even if nobody in the group is much into fitness, chances are you can find a suitable “walk” where you can enjoy flowers, trees, mountains, oceans, lakes or falls and then throw a picnic afterward. Nearly every official city website lists parks and amenities. Look for ones with picnic tables (unless you like doing it blanket style on the ground), barbecues, fire pits, and, most importantly, public bathrooms! If you make mom squat behind a bush or hold it all afternoon, she won’t put this on her list of most enjoyable mother’s days, she’ll put it on the worst!

5. Spiritual Retreat

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - spiritual statue and pink orchids

Were you the naughty child that constantly stressed your mom out? Are the grey hairs on her head because of you? Then taking mom on a spiritual retreat is not just a great Mother’s Day gift option, it’s a bona fide way to say ‘I’m sorry’ for all the years of driving you crazy! Maybe she’s always wanted to try yoga or tai chi. Practically every gym and yoga studio offers per-class rates so you don’t have to make any commitments, you can just take mom to a class and be on your merry way. Zen gardens, while not easy to find, present an even more unique relaxation solution. Walk the meditation maze or just sit by the water listening to wind chimes drinking tea.

6. You’re-The-One-Who-Caused-Her-To-Drink Wine Tasting

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - wine tasting table with lemons

This falls into the naughty child category again! Stressed moms need booze! (Um, yes, that would be me!) So many states across the U.S. produce wine now that it’s not all that hard to find local wineries. Treat mom to a day of wine tasting. It’s fun, it’s educational, and it’s relaxing! Don’t worry if you’re not near a winery. Chances are, even the most po-dunk of po-dunk towns has a wine bar! (If that’s not available you really need to move. #kiddingnotkidding) And, if that’s not an option, head on over to any crappy watering hole that pours wine and order mom a glass!

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - drink gif

What about distilled beverages you ask? Yes! If you happen to live in Kentucky, take mom on a bourbon tour! There are craft distilleries EVERYWHERE nowadays making vodka, gin, whiskey, and, of course, beer! There’s nothing like lifting a glass to your mamma jamma!

7. Paint & Sip Party

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - paint in all colors of the rainbow

This idea combines the culture of Idea #1 with the booziness of Idea #6 and creates a brilliant mashup of art and drinking! You’ve probably heard all about Paint & Sip parties. People do them for bridal showers, birthday parties, and team building events. Basically, you get a canvas, paints, and bottomless wine to intoxicate you to the point you think the artwork you created is actually good! (Believe me, you won’t think so the next day!) But it’s super fun and everyone has a good time mocking one another’s Van Gogh skills. An alternative to this, if you want to include kids in your day of art, is to spend a day with mom at one of those paint-your-own ceramic shops. Choose from mugs, bowls, plates, vases, or figurines and use your imagination. The store fires the ceramic for you (which takes about a week) then you walk away with a custom piece of memorabilia to cherish always!

8. Krafty Craft Making Class

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - pink heart under glass

Is your mom crafty? Treat her to a 1-day class at your local college or community center. They have everything from pottery and basket weaving to quilt making, floral design and paper crafting classes. It’s something to do together that she probably wouldn’t sign up for on her own and it’s affordable too!

9. Food Festival Face Stuffing Fun

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - taco food station at a party

OMG, what DON’T they have a festival for nowadays?! Strawberries, Watermelon, Corn, Garlic (!) they all have festivals. Plenty of foods are coming into season in May. Just check your local calendar to find the nearest food festival and have the whole family join in the indulgence! Also look for ‘Restaurant Week’ where local restaurants set up booths to sample their menu items. These events usually feature live music and carnival games for the kids. It’s a great alternative to the boring ol’ brunch you usually do on Mother’s Day!

10. A Night On Broadway

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - ballerinas on stage

Admittedly, a trip to New York is pricey! So, when I say ‘Broadway’ I really mean theatre! Like, any theatre! Even the murder mystery dinner kind! Don’t live in a big city? Don’t worry! There’s bound to be a local production of SOMETHING be it a ballet, an opera, a musical or a stage play. Imagine being able to treat mom to some ‘drama’ that doesn’t include you!

11. Plant Love And Watch It Grow Gardening

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - succulents in pots on a wall

Want to do something for mom without having to venture out? Something that she’ll be able to enjoy long after Mother’s Day is over? Help her plant a garden! Maybe she already has a well landscaped yard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do a little vegetable or herb garden. Or, maybe she’s got a neglected patch of dirt that’s in need of some TLC. Bring over the pots, soil, seeds, flowers, plants… whatever you’re going to watch grow. And wrap up a cute, colorful pair of gardening gloves so she has a present to open! It’s a great way to include the kids in something memorable.

12. New ‘Do’ Hair Salon Afternoon

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - bride getting her hair cureled

Mamma Mia, she’s been wearing the same hair-do for the last twenty years! Is your mom still wearing a perm? Or the same bowl cut as your brother?

12 ‘Not Your Same Old Mother’s Day’ Ideas! - Bill Murray facepalm gif

Then, mom needs a day at the salon! Everyone can use a fresher upper once in a while! Even if your mom changes her hairstyle up regularly, a day of pampering at the salon is a nice treat and it can be especially fun as a mom-daughter “do” duo outing!

Well, that’s our list! Wishing all the mammas out there a magnificent Mother’s Day! Next week we’ve got Memorial Day menu selections for you, but if you’re looking for other festive ideas in the meantime, check out our Super Secret Party Guide! It’s totally FREE just because you’re fabulous!

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Are you trying any of these ideas for Mother’s Day this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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