10 Images Of The “I Am Awesome” Book Launch Event

What Makes You AWESOME?

10 Images of the "I Am Awesome" Book Launch Recap ImageCelebrate what makes you special and unique…such a powerful message for children! Co-author, Garcelle Beauvais, helps children discover identity through imagination with the launch of her new book I Am Awesome, and I feel pretty AWESOME that I got to be the celebrity event planner for this book launch. Here is our weekly roundup of event photos and inspiration.

If you’ve been one of my loyal blog followers, you know that we publish these image roundups regularly. We feature a particular event for a particular client so you can go deep on the particular theme. If you know what’s up, skip this part, new visitors, take a look below…

In case you missed it, here’s what we’re doing, mentioned in the first blog (and if you already know what’s going on, skip to the first photo!): Every day we’re posting event photos & inspiration to my Instagram page to give you ideas for your own events, and of course, encourage you to hire yours truly, one of the top celebrity event planners in Los Angeles for your next soiree! In terms of format, we’re trying to capitalize on the whole hashtag calendar world and take advantage of #WeddingWednesday (#WW) and #ThrowbackThursday (#TBT) by posting wedding photos and cool stuff we’ve done on Wednesdays and on Thursdays, harkening back to a past client’s event, be it a celebrity, or just one of us tastemakers.

Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Monday:

Co-author Garcelle at the book launch for I Am Awesome!

I Am Awesome - Garcelle image
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A book to inspire children to dream!

I Am Awesome - book image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Tuesday:

Spiderman strawberries served on a custom tray with colorful images from the book!

I Am Awesome - Spiderman strawberries image
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I loved being part of this event with Garcelle!

I Am Awesome - Garcelle & Marley image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Wednesday:

Happy #WeddingWednesday (#WW): Custom water bottle labels!

I Am Awesome - water bottle image
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Refreshing dessert menu!

I Am Awesome - dessert menu image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Thursday:

#ThrowbackThursday (#TBT). Looks like Angie Harmon and Garcelle liked our new nitrogen bellinis!

I Am Awesome - Garcelle & Angie image
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Cape decorating at the craft table!

I Am Awesome - craft table image
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Favorite Event Photos and Inspiration – Friday:

Express your imagination through creativity!

I Am Awesome - cape image
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I enjoyed sharing this event with Coco! And a shout out to Maia Franz for these great photos!

I Am Awesome - Marley & Coco image
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Event Photos and Inspiration – Plus, tell me what else you want to see on the blog!:

Is there a book, image or person who has inspired you to be YOU? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo M

P.S. I have been looking for a reason to revive these “Fix It Friday” blogs, and this week seems to be the perfect opportunity! While we might not all be America’s next top chef, or have the skills to be a professional contractor, we are all special in our own awesome way. You can do it! Believe in yourself the next time you want to Boil A Perfect Egg, Tame Bubbles When Boiling, Keep Wrapping Paper From Unrolling, Remove A Stripped Screw, Match Paint Color, or Hang A Picture. So…what do you think? Don’t you LOVE these handy little tricks to make your life easier? You can find more interesting blogs and images on our website, or just call us to book your next event!

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