Your Guide to a Stress Free Wedding!

We have to give it up to The New Orleans Weddings Reporter. They did it right with this article. Here are some of their suggestions:

Enjoy the Planning – You Won’t Get This Time Back!

The biggest advice across the board has been to not stress! Planning a wedding can be a very joyful process. You want to remember the first cake tasting, remember the tear you shed when you sealed the first invite, and even laugh after the *gentle* bickering. So remember, the main goal here is celebrating love. Nothing can or ever will be perfect, so roll with the punches and enjoy the planning process as much as possible!

A Stress Free Something Borrowed

(from Mel @OceansideBride)

Take advantage of the tradition to incorporate “something borrowed”. But just don’t stop at borrowing one thing! If you know of a friend or family member who had a veil you loved, a dress sash you adored, or even some wedding decor you thought would be perfectly fit for your big day- ask to see if you can borrow them! Most friends and family close to you will feel honored and flattered that you want to use something from their special day to make yours memorable as well. Don’t be overly consumed with the idea that every aspect of your wedding day has to be “new”. Save yourself some money and borrow as many items as you can to cut costs. No one but maybe the one you’re borrowing from will ever know!

Try on Your Girdle…and Try It On Again…and Again

(Inspired by: @BridalTweet)

Did you buy the Jimmy Choos that were two sizes down because they perfectly matched your dress? Or, at 1:00AM two weeks before the event, did you feel compelled the “super shaper” that sucks you in 3 sizes in no time flat?

Do NOT underestimate the importance of comfort. If you are waddling around all day it can be stressful and take away from your enjoyment.

To read the rest of their article please visit their website by clicking here.

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