What’s Cool Now?

Inevitably when I am interviewed for a magazine or other publication, I am asked: what trends are you seeing? What’s hot now? Here are some cool things that are new, have been around and are coming back.

1) DJ’s with emcees.

2) Gobos in the pool.

3) Cappuccino machines (also cool at breakfast meetings where booze is not an option.)

4) Anything neon! Especially neon ice cubes, and battery operated neon glasses.

5) 3-D Invitations.

6) Submerged blooms.

7) Martini luges.

8) Hostesses who greet their guests and actually manage to spend some time with them. Yes, this is really hard.

9) S’mores.

10) Cigarette girls who peddle candy instead of tobacco.

11) Fabulous lighting and guests who notice it.

12) Gummy shot glasses.

13) Black vodka.

14) Jello shots in neon colors.

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