What to Do with those Old Christmas Cards

If you’re at all like me, you HATE to throw away those old Christmas cards. It seems like there is something intrinsically wrong with tossing that cute photograph of Bif and Susie in their matching tartan plaids. But what exactly does one do, post-holiday, with all of those extra cards?

Well, this isn’t exactly rocket science, but I have come up with a few ideas about what to do with the extra, random, holiday kind of card with the lovely snowy scene on it. Because I believe in organizing as you go so as not to have things pile up too much, I think you should group all of your cards together. Then, separate out the photos (we’ll address them in a bit) and random holiday newsletters. Discard the cards that you don’t like and really never want to see again (nor could you imagine anyone else wanting to see again,) and put in front of yourself the pile of cards that you do like. Note that I said like, not guilted into keeping.

Once everything has been separated, take the cards that you’re happy with and neatly trim off the part of the card with the personal note from Aunt Anne. If you’re lucky and Aunt Anne didn’t write on the back side of the image on the card, fabulous. Save your trimmed cards and: leave them alone, trim around the image so you’ve got something of a more unique shape, or back the original image in some cool, coordinating card stock.

Punch a hole at the top left of the images or “cards” you’ve got remaining. Put them all in a Ziploc bag and label: Holiday Gift Tags. Pack this bag of goodies away with your holiday ornaments and other glittery objects and wait until next year. Voila! No more ugly, random, cheesy looking gift giving tags for all of your packages.

When you’re about to start wrapping your gifts for next year, string some ribbon or cool cord through the punched hole, write a love note to your intended and you’ve got a very unique, fabulous new gift tag. Plus, the tags will all be different, recycled and you’ll soon forget that they would have been part of last year’s junk.

Now, as far as what to do with the photos and the newsletters? I’d pitch the newsletters; more timely information will eventually arrive. With the pictures? Your guess is as good as mine. I’m still guilt-ridden and hanging on to my own stack of photos featuring other peoples’ vacations. If you’ve got a good idea about how to deal, please pass it along to the rest of us!

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  1. I take the picture cards and display them on my refrigerator from year to year. It helps me remember kids names when those long lost friends call I can walk to the fridge and ask how their children are by name.

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