What Is Guest Blogging?

It’s no surprise that my website, www.thepartygoddess.com , is about catering and event/party planning. The purpose of my blog in general, is to cover the topics with which I have had a decent amount of experience: parties, events, gifts, inspiration, food, decor, and starting your own business. The idea is to give you, the reader, useful, interesting information about the aforementioned topics, ultimately so that you can save yourself some of the trouble that I have gone through in learning all of this party planning stuff!

To be successful in planning parties or in business requires you to listen to your customers. When we plan childrens’ parties, the customer is the child as well as their parents. So, when I get stuck coming up with ideas for kids’ parties or activities for children, I ask my resident specialist, my son!

Cullen is 9, in the 4th grade and has plenty to say. In order to channel some of this talkativeness and encourage him to to learn what it takes to operate his own business, in this case, his blog, I am setting up a Guest Blog. Cullen will be my first guest blogger and will offer you ideas that kids will like, all from his perspective. So, keep checking back to see what he has to say. Believe me, it will be plenty.

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