Up Your Wedding Wow Factor Using Social Media!

Up Your Wedding Wow Factor Using Social Media!

Imagine it’s your wedding day. The greatest day of your freakin’ life! There’s probably not going to be another day ever where you laugh more or look better! #goddesstruth Unless you have another wedding! But we won’t go there! (#threetimesacharmMarleyMajcher) That means you’re gonna wanna blast out your awesomeness to the world using social media. You and everyone else will be posting pictures and videos for sure, but want to know what else is awesome? Gifyyy!

Selfies Are So-So, But Gifyyy’s Are Great!

Kind of like a photo booth, Gifyyy is a super cool, ultra-portable device (special iPad) that lets you and your guests create animated GIFs they can share on social media. We use them all the time at weddings and events, and people LOVE them!!

Up Your Wedding Wow Factor Using Social Media!

Unlike enclosed photo booths, Gifyyy can capture up to 20 people at once, letting users get as crazy and creative as they like. You and the wedding party? Yep! That pervy uncle and his weird dance moves? Yep, him too! Having props like hats, glasses and feather boas available makes it even more fun! The photo gallery can even be branded with an event logo (like the bride and groom’s names and wedding date!). You can also add an image and/or text overlay to the GIFs. If you want to learn more about using Gifyyy at your next event, give us a call!

Getting Social During The Planning Phase!

Up Your Wedding Wow Factor Using Social Media!

Technology hasn’t just changed weddings, it’s also changed how weddings are planned. From using social media platforms like Pinterest to select designs and decor to setting up a wedding-specific Facebook page to share your love-in-the-making with all of your friends, wedding dress specialist Azazie has put together a fantastic article on Creating a Social Media Powered Wedding. Now that you’re all geared up and ready to start planning your big day, check out weddings we’ve designed, and think about yours truly if you’d like to chat with a wedding planner (moi!)! Our entire business revolves around creating magical moments—we’re excited to plan yours!

What are your biggest wedding challenges? Let us know in the comments below!

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