Top Tips For Your Wedding Registry

One of the most stressful times of your life is planning your wedding, especially if you’re trying to undertake the task alone (which please don’t, there’s a lot to do and we’re here to help!). With so many different items on your long to-do list, you’re bound to feel spread thin, which means you’re going to start overlooking things.

Truthfully, every item on your wedding planning list holds importance. It’s your wedding day, the biggest day of your life, after all. So putting less energy into some tasks is a very bad idea. One of those easily overlooked items that’s actually important, is creating your wedding registry. I mean who doesn’t love gifts??

Your registry is made up of the items that will help you transition into your life as a married couple and build a solid home together. If you’re feeling like you don’t know where to start, take a look at these tips. Hopefully they’ll spark a desire to get started.

Do It As A Couple

While most tasks on your wedding to-do list should be done together (you know, since this wedding is a celebration for both of you), your registry absolutely must be done as a couple. As we already said, your registry is made up of the items that will help you smoothly transition into married life. Since you, hopefully, won’t be in the marriage by yourself, you must decide on and choose these items together.

Make Sure It’s Easy To Find

What good will your registry be if none of your guests are able to access it?? Enter: the saving grace that is your wedding website. Posting it there helps out your guests who can answer any questions they have about your wedding by quickly visiting your site instead of you having to field endless texts from multiple people all asking you the same thing. Another must is putting both of your names on the registry. Your family is likely to search for your name while your fiancé’s family is likely to search for theirs; this way there aren’t any guessing games as to whose name it’s under.

A Lesson In Compromise

When you’re at a standstill because you like different dinnerware patterns or one of you demands that something be included while the other is against it, I have one word for you: compromise. Creating your registry will without a doubt give you practice in this particular trademark of a good relationship. Let’s be honest with ourselves here, you’re planning on spending the rest of your life with this person and (trust me) you’re not always going to agree on what’s right. So it’s best to learn this lesson now than to have it creep up on you later.

Remember Nothing Is Off Limits

Your wedding registry is yours, so why not make it unique to your needs as a couple? If you are the practical type and still have living room furniture from your college apartment, add a chic new sofa to your registry that shows how grown up you’ve become (or at least appear to be). Or if you are into fitness and bettering yourself (which props to you for that drive), add some at home fitness equipment to your registry so you can spend time bonding over your shared interest without having to leave your home. The idea here is that you can add anything you want to your registry, no judgement.

Make A List And Take Inventory

Before you start going crazy and adding practically everything you see to your list, you’ll want to have a plan in place. It’s easy to get started on your registry and let the power of wielding a scanning gun get to your head, but this can easily be avoided by having a game plan. Before you even start adding items, go through what you already own. Make a list of what you’d like to replace or what you wish you had. This is a great starting point and can help you not add duplicate items, because who really needs two coffee machines?

Get Personal

Wedding guests love buying couples personal items and getting super sentimental. Your wedding day is a day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and your guests want to have a hand in those memories, I mean that is why you invited them. When creating your registry, add in a few items that can be personalized. Not only will your guests be happy to oblige in purchasing these items, but you’ll be thankful for them too.

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