Top Tips For A Fairy Tale Princess Party

What little girl doesn’t dream of being a fairy tale princess? Although princess parties have definitely been done before, it’s all in the details. These pretty little photos were taken of a princess party that we were lucky enough to plan for a special lady.

Here are a few Princess Party Pointers:

*Ask guests to wear their fanciest dresses, then provide a box filled with extra dress-up items and costume jewelry for everyone to accessorize with.

*Set up a tiara decorating station for the little princesses to create their very own party hats.

*Instead of “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, play “Kiss the Frog”. After creating a big, green, cut-out of your favorite frog, cut out a pair of lips for each princess and apply a small ball of poster tack (sold at most office supply stores) to the back. During the game, have each child shut her eyes tight, then point her in the right direction to try to pin her smooch on Mr. Frog. Continue taking turns until everyone succeeds.

*Whip up some pink lemonade poured into pretty punch glasses.

*Send the girlies home with sparkly butterfly hair clips, candy rings, and pretty stickers!

With these fun tips, you’re sure to send every tiny princess home with a huge smile.

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