Tips For Throwing A Vegas Bachelorette Party!

Tips For Throwing A Vegas Bachelorette Party!

With wedding season in full swing, brides find themselves on the hunt for what calls “The Last Fling Before the Ring!” Why go to Vegas? Because there are SO many things to do there! Swanky spas? Check! World-class entertainment? Double-check! Hundreds of dazzling hotels and restaurants? That too! And, last but not least, there is always plenty of naughty shenanigans to get into! Check that baby and YES, I’M THERE!

Is The Bride On The Mild Or Wild Side?

Look, you don’t have to go all Bradley Cooper The Hangover style and steal Mike Tyson’s tiger, lose your teeth, or rattle the mob! (Although going all Bradley Cooper sounds like a pretty good idea on any given day! #JustSayin’) There are plenty of ways to get into a “respectable” level of trouble and still make it to the church on time! The thing I like most about a Vegas Bachelorette Party is that you can make the occasion as mild or wild as you like!

Planning Your Vegas Bachelorette Party!

In solid event planner fashion, designing an itinerary ahead of time is crucial! If you’re the maid of honor, you might want to assign each member of the bridesmaid team to do a little research. One person can price out accommodations, another can compile of list of entertainment, etc. For special offers check out Las Vegas Deals!

The first thing you’ll want to decide is whether your Vegas Bachelorette Party is going to be “mild or wild.” You know the bride – is she looking to tear up the town or indulge in sophisticated leisure? That’s the starting point that should drive what kind of hotel you stay at and whether you surprise her with a massage and facial or pole dancing stripper lessons! Or, you can totally double-down and do both!

If you’ve decided to go wild, Magic Mike Live Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel is a good option! If mild is more your style, consider The Spa at Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas. There’s also a really amazing Helicopter Night Flight that lets you see all the city lights from the sky as you soar over The Strip! It starts off with sparkling wine at check-in and includes a narrated tour from your pilot! This is the kind of activity that works for both Mild or Wild and is a really unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience everyone will enjoy!

Need a little more inspiration? Check out these awesome options from the experts at!

Tips For Throwing A Vegas Bachelorette Party!

It’s All In The Details

Once you decide how many days and nights you’d like to stay, you can better map out your daytime and nighttime activities. Three nights and four days is just about perfect, giving you plenty of time for sin and a little extra to savor. It’s a good idea to rotate between moments of calm and crazy. If you plan to stay out til dawn one night clubbing, don’t schedule something (even if it’s low key like a facial) bright and early next morning. Give your girls (and you) plenty of time to rest and relax between activities. And, make reservations in advance! FOR EVERYTHING! Don’t assume that because you’re staying at a hotel, you can just waltz into their spa and get an appointment. Or a table for dinner! Or tickets to Cirque du Soleil!

Then, after everything is booked, the activities and locations you select will help you create the ever-crucial WARDROBE PLAN! Ladies, am I right?! This is super important because the dresses you wear to brunch by the pool won’t be the same as the ones you wear to dinner, a show, or a club! Put the wardrobe plan together and don’t forget to list out all of the “bride-accessories” you’ll want to bring like tiaras, boas, custom-designed clothing, matching items, stuff to decorate the hotel room(s) with, etc.

Fun Without Breaking The Bank

No one said this was going to be cheap! Vegas is pricey. Unless, of course, your gambling skills pay off and you win boatloads of cash at the tables! To keep the fun more manageable, in lieu of shows and bottle service cabanas, consider a trip-long scavenger hunt! Personally, I love stuff like this! And other people do too! Here are some super fun options to get you started:

Tips For Throwing A Vegas Bachelorette Party!

No matter how your Vegas Bachelorette Party unfolds, your bridal party is guaranteed stories, secrets and memories that will be as exciting as walking down the aisle!

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