Tips for Hiring a Floral Designer

One of the most important elements to your wedding or event is the floral décor.  Skilled floral design is often the central component to your event’s aesthetic.  Spectacular, chic, or festive décor relies on the talents of a floral designer with a sophisticated touch.

Think you can just go to your local florist, pick out your favorite flowers, and tie them together with a pretty bow?  Think again.  To entertain in style, you’ll need the help of an experienced floral designer.

Here are some tips for hiring a floral designer that will help you create the event of your dreams:

Assess your needs

Before meeting with a floral designer, figure out exactly what your needs are and what your budget is.  Will you need bouquets for a wedding party?  How many tables will need center pieces? What is the theme, tone, and color scheme for your event? How formal will it be? What time of year?  Be able to describe your needs in great detail, and be prepared to answer questions. Don’t expect the designer to be able to give you pricing quotes or confirm availability if you don’t even know what you need.

Get clear on your wants

Gather color swatches and  magazine or printed internet photographs of décor that you love.  Inspirational pictures are important, and you don’t have to limit your inspiration to wedding or party pics. Search home décor and fashion magazines for ideas as well.  Walk around your city to parks, museums, and restaurants. It’s important to have a vision for what you want the flowers to contribute to the overall look and feel if your event.

Find potential candidates

Ask your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations.  With that said, please don’t feel obligated to consider your mom’s, friend’s cousin Liz who took a flower arranging class at the local community center last week. Liz may have tremendous talent, but you’ll want to make sure your floral designer is reliable and has experience.  Check Google and the good old-fashioned yellow pages as well.

Schedule interviews

Narrow down your list of prospects to a few of your favorites, and set up a time to meet. Bring all of your event details and inspiration. Look through their portfolio and ask for a list of previous clients. Is this person someone you can see yourself working with?  Do they have experience doing events similar to yours?  How many years have they been in business?  What event planners do they have relationships with?  Are they able to work within your budget?  Will they be working on other events the same day, or can you rely on them to focus on your needs?  If this will be a major event, you’ll also want to get the designer to create a preview for you.

Get pricing details

Have the designer create an itemized pricing list before signing your contract.  You don’t want any surprises. What exactly will be included in the price you’re quoted?  Will you be renting fixtures and other materials? Will they complete the installation, start-to-finish, or will you need to hire additional hands?

Like any other member of your event planning team, choose your floral designer with caution.  Skill, experience, and reputation should always be the critical deciding factors. Don’t let pretty pictures blind you to potential red flags.

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  1. Great site, Marley. I’m just beginning a relaunch of my event flower business after a 10 year concentration on funeral work. Yikes ! Looking for great things to show my PR firm. Knew you’d have one. Best of everything to you. Great look…great ideas.

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