Tips For A Glam Night With The Girls

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Let The Party Goddess! show you how to celebrate that sparkling stone with all of your best gal pals in tow!


* Glam! Encourage all of your leading ladies to get blinged out with costume jewelry and showcase their fabulous satin pajamas and robes! Ditch the sky-high heels for a fun night in with your girlies.


* Gentlemen Prefer Blondes! Marilyn Monroe does a diamond proud in the old time classic, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Throw blankets and overstuffed pillows should be given to every guest.


* Pink! Serve up fabulous pink champagne cocktail for your lady friends. Throw in some clear rock candy to give that icy effect.


*Royal Treatment! A candy buffet fit for a Queen! Stick with ring pops, candy necklaces and candy cigarettes. You’ll make the Hollywood legends proud.


* Get out the girl glam. To keep your girls’ night in from feeling like just any other night hanging out in your family room, add some over the top girl touches, such as a sequined table cloth on the coffee table, hot pink throw pillows and boas on the lamps or around your guests’ necks!

Random Diamond FACTS & FIGURES:  

* The world’s largest diamond was the Cullinan, found in South Africa in 1905. It weighed 3,106.75 carats uncut.

* The biggest diamond in the entire universe is thought to be Lucy, a crystallized white dwarf star, a star consisting of diamonds.

* Late in the 19th century, Scottish scientist James Ballantyne Hannay mixed lithium with bone oil and paraffin, sealed it in iron tubes and heated it to red hot to create synthetic diamonds.

*  The tradition of a diamond engagement ring started in 1477 when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy.

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